Sunday, August 5, 2012


Oh this little boy.  He is wonderful.  He loves corn on the cob and giving you a cheese face out of no where.  He likes to sit in a grown up chair to eat and carry his snack to the table.  He likes to pick grapes off their twigs ( is that what you call them?). 

He gives kisses and sometimes hugs.  He consistently will learn a new trick and do it for a week or two and then drop the habit.  He sometimes he will start doing it again and sometimes not.  He is slowly giving up his hug habit in favor of kisses.  He is starting to say "Hey" when he sees people and when he pretends to answer the phone. 

It is interesting to see his personality show more and more.  He is a bit reserved with new people but will warm up to them no doubt.  He loves playing with older kids.  He likes loud music in the car.

He is just the best.  (biased I know)

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  1. It's so funny how they are little comedians around familiar folks but clam up with strangers! Evie is a HAM at home but take her to work with me and she's so shy! I love that he eats corn straigh off the cob. We have to cut E's off for her otherwise she just bangs it around.