Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Favorite Baby...err Toddler Items

Linking up with Melissa from Growing up Geeky for today's Toddle Along Tuesday.  I have been pretty bad about doing this link up lately, more out of laziness.  But I am actually on top of things this week, meaning I will post before Tuesday is over.

This weeks topic is your favorite baby item(s).  But the baby era seems so long ago that I am going to go with Leland's current toddler must haves. 

 With binkie and blankie in bed

1. Aiden and Anais Swaddle Blankets.  You may have thought these where only good for swaddling, but someone has formed an attachment to them along the way.  He has to hold the tags while nursing and he throws the blanket around until he finds them.  If he wants to nurse he gets his blanket and lays down on the bed or floor.  They are a must, and I always have to bring one with us.  Thankfully he is not attached to any one in particular, he just has to have one.

2. MAMs pacifiers.  Leland is only allowed a pacifier when sleeping, but boy is he attached.  He knows where I hide them and constantly tries to pull a fast one and steal them.  If he is upset he starts going through my bag in search of one.  Unfortunatly for him they are hidden in a zipper pouch, so all my stuff gets thrown on the floor and he stays upset. 

3. Larabars.  I always have one in my bag (it keeps the pacifier company) in case someone has a food melt down.  It is for emergencies only, but totally necessary sometimes. And he absolutely loves them.  I often make a homemade version for snacks. 

4. Sippy cup.  For some reason when Leland is upset a glass of water can almost always calm him down.  He isn't really picky about the type of cup, he just has to have one.  We have used a regular spout, a straw cup and a natural drinking cup.  He likes all of them and he just uses whatever is clean.  I think he is starting to prefer the straw cup only because he knows that is the cup smoothies go in.

5. A sun hat and sunscreen.  I really love California Baby products so I always carry their sunscreen with me.  We have a couple of hats and we go back and forth between them but my favorite is the iPlay one since it is big enough to cover his massive head and keep his face out of the sun.  

There is our list.  These are the items that I always have in my bag or have to take with me wherever we go.  Without a few of them, meltdowns are unavoidable. 


  1. I was thinking about this today, too, and all I could come up with were toddler items. We have a similar situation with the pacifiers-- sneaky boys. I'll find him playing with a pacifier in his mouth, and wonder where it came from. Lord knows where he finds them all.

    1. Leland is always proud of his find so he shows me and then I take it away.

  2. I have no clue where Evie finds all of her paci's but she does. I think she hides them in the dog toy bin. She only gets hers in the car and in the crib and she knows that's where she gets them and if you put her in either she's immediately looking for it.

    Also, when the heck did they become real official toddlers? I swear there's like less than 1% baby left in Evie.

    1. Ugg I don't know. I keep looking at Leland's 1 year photos which was only 4 months ago and he was definitely a baby then. Now there is almost no baby left. I think we went through a time warp or something.

  3. Those swaddle blankets are MY favorite too (and Leila likes them as well)!