Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bacon Feast

I have some great friends in Denver.  Every so often we decide we must have a feast night, and there is always a theme (I usually forget to document them though).  One of the friends is vegetarian but he was out of town, so we decided to have a Bacon Feast in his absence.  It was delicious.  And my house smelled like bacon for a couple of days- totally worth it
 Peaches stuffed with goat cheese, cinnamon, and honey, then baked and wrapped in bacon and baked some more. 
 The spread.
 BLT panzanella
-Dates stuffed with sausage-wrapped in bacon-with maple syrup on top (I need one of these for breakfast every day from now on)
-BLT sandwiches with the bacon cooked with jalapenos, topped with watercourse, avocado, tomato, mayo and cheese
-Hiding in the pot is collard greens cooked in bacon grease of course
 -Stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon

I wish I could eat some of this right now.


  1. My friends and I had a lot of longstanding jokes about our love of bacon. Those peaches look delicious, and I love the doilies on your table.

  2. Note to self- do not read while hungry! All the food looks amazing!Care to share the recipe so I can pin it:)

  3. Oh my goodness. I wish I had not read this. I've never wanted bacon so badly.