Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Age

I feel like we are slowly getting older, or we have always been like this and it is just getting worse.  Tonight on New Years Eve, I do not plan on staying up until midnight.  Jeff and I went to a very nice dinner at Il Posto, one of our favorite restaurants in Denver and we were home by 10pm.  Soon after this post is finished I will be heading to bed to get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Eldora to ski/board for the second time this season.  Hopefully it will be good, we have never been there before.

Recently we took a trip back to good ol' Lee's Summit.  We saw many people, all of our families and friends that were in town.  It was a little long and exhausting but good.  I was very happy to see Garozzo, my parents new kitten.  He is very sweet and cuddly and slept with me while I was there.

But it is very good to be back to our routine and our cats, MJ and Heath were very glad to see us.  They need lots of attention.

Good night, Happy  New Year,


Friday, December 18, 2009


So on Tuesday, a day we both have off, we went to A-Basin to enjoy the slopes.

We both had a lot of fun since we haven't been to the slopes since Spring of 2005.  A very long time.

Jeff just went skiing like he usually does and he had fun going all the way to the top and perfecting his moves.

At the top.

I on the other hand decided to try out snowboarding.  I took lessons for a couple of hours in the morning and they went great.  I really like it! I enjoy it a lot more than snowboarding and can't wait to go again.  I did fall a lot but it was worth it.  I tended to fall mostly when I was going too fast and I didn't know how to slow down except to fall, haha.  I am still working on turns but I did go down my first green pretty well. 

We plan to go again on New Year's Day to Eldora, a slope a little closer to us.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinner time!

Here are a couple of recent very good meals that have been made in our household.

The first meal is butternut squash ravioli and spinach ravioli with roasted butternut squash and sauteed sage in butter.  Very winter themed and very good.  It is also very simple when you buy pre-made ravioli.

This meal was paired with some white wine that we bought on our trip to California.  It was a very good match. 

Te second meal is sauteed peppers and onions with black bean tacos.  Topped with sour cream, feta cheese, salsa and red cabbage.  This meal was very good also, I wish I had some avocado to add on top but all the avocado we had was way too ripe.

The toppings

The peppers and onions

The final product.

Coming up... Christmas cookies! Molasses and Chocolate Crinkles are a definite but I would like to make more varieties.  I need to think about what kinds are best for traveling so I can take them home on the plane. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food, Inc.

 We watched Food, Inc. last night.  And I feel that everyone should watch the movie and listen to its message.  I find the topic of this movie so fascinating.  I feel like I can never learn enough about it.  I would only hope that the average person would watch this movie and take something away from it.  Decide to make some change in their diet for the better.  If I hadn't already bought Christmas gifts I would buy this movie for everyone.

So I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone and I hope you would feel the impact I have felt from this movie.  I would also hope that it would make you want to change some aspect in your current diet.