Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas food

Delicious foods we made over Christmas.

Christmas Cookies
Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies- I used half chocolate chips, half white chocolate chips
Gingerbread cookies

Christmas Eve spread:

Filo dough with roasted veggies
Roasted chickpeas with cinnamon and honey, we added almonds
Truffle and Parmesan popcorn
Fresh Bread
Jalapeno Corn Dip
Pizza Puffs - made it vegetarian by using yellow pepper and mushrooms
Mushroom Risotto Balls - made it vegetarian by using mushrooms instead of sausage
Trail Mix and Pomegranates

Christmas morning:

Cinnamon Rolls with cranberry and orange

Apparently I am trying to gain some weight.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


We finally got rid of the massive unused TV we had. Which allowed us to move the furniture around in the living room, something I have been dying to do lately. I just needed a remodel, the way we had it set up just didn't sit right with me.

The new do, feels much more homey and inviting. It also makes the computer/office area seem more separated.

The cats were a little upset by it at first, but are now okay. And Leland still has a nice play area.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesay (mostly): Snow!

The week before Christmas we had a massive amount of snow one night. The drifts after shoveling were bigger than Leland! In the first photo he is waving at me, too cute.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Someone has been especially cute lately.

As you will see down below, we had to finally get rid of the baby tub. Leland kept trying to stand up in it, which led it to almost tipping every time. Now we are in the big tub!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 28-30

Finally finished!

Day 28: Nighttime, happens before 5pm these days- makes it very hard to take decent photos.

Day 29: Light, this toy lights up and plays music- it is baby's fav

Day 30: Self Portrait

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful relaxing day.
Started off with cinnamon rolls, a stocking and some gifts.
Then we hung out with some friends for a delicious brunch.
Stopped by another friends' house.
Ended with a quiet dinner at home with some much needed playtime.
Great day, great Christmas.

Peace on Earth

And goodwill towards all kitties.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo Challenge : Day 27

Day 27: Daily Routine.

6:30-7:30AM- Sometime in this range Leland wakes up and I nurse him while trying to convince him he should sleep more. It usually doesn't work.
I change his diaper and put on his clothes for the day. Then we play!
-Bucket o' toys-

8ishAM- About an hour after we have woken up we eat breakfast. Generally bananas or another type of fruit for Leland. I try and eat some yogurt so we can share.
Then we play, listen to music, give our needy kitties some attention for another hour or so, until he starts getting cranky. I make him wait at least 2.5 hours until his first nap.

9:30ish AM- Nurse to sleep, naps last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but usually at least an hour.
-sweet baby sleeping-
Time for me to check my email, blogs, etc.

Once he wakes up from his nap, we play some more, read, or this is the time we run errands. This is also the time I try to take photos since it is the best lighting.

Noonish- Lunch and more nursing. Lunch consist of leftovers for me. Leland gets some veggies then a fruit.

3ishPM- Nurse to sleep, time for his second nap. Time for me to do some cleaning up, school work, etc.

Once he wakes up we play more (we play a lot during the day).
-the general set up, he really loves his mirrors-

We may also sneak in some peek-a-boo action.

Around 5 he wants to nurse again and maybe have a pre-dinner snack.

6pm- Dinner time! Leland can only have hummus at this time since it is so messy. He also likes to have veggies and then desert is frozen peaches or mangoes.
-hummus face-

6:20pm- Bath time, lotion time, etc

6:45pm- Daddy reads night time stories

7pm- Nurse to sleep

We aren't on a tight schedule so I just go with what he wants, but I try to keep him to two naps. Sometimes we have to move dinner up because he wants to eat earlier, so then we just play after dinner to make up for the time. We are currently trying to push back bedtime to 7:30- it is a work in progress. I have a class next semester that ends at 6:30, so I won't be home until around 7:30 so bedtime needs to be then since I nurse him to sleep. It has been an adjustment and still is, but we will get there.

I also need to get out of the house everyday because otherwise Leland gets bored. We have to move around the house and play with different toys or he gets bored. But I am struggling in trying to find activities to do everyday. It was easier when we had to go to campus all the time, because that could be considered our outing for the day. With it being winter it the real issue, if it was warmer outside we could go on walks or to the park.
Any ideas?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Embrace the Camera

These photos happened because of the following conversation:

Jeff: Why don't I get some photos of you two, it is his 8 month birthday, that is practically your birthday too.
Me: Really? Does that mean I get presents?

Linking up with the anderson crew.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 months

He has quite a personality for being only 8 months old.

Once he learns how to do something, he quits doing it. Remember that video of him giving me a high five, yep that's over with. So is saying 'Hi' to people, he does it occasionally but not often.

He moves all. the. time. I still really love this photo even if he was moving too much for it to be clear.

He is very social. He loves people and his momma especially.

He loves turning pages in books. You will do it over and over and over again for the same book.

He is obsessed with the video camera. It makes you stop whatever you are doing.

He is starting to get into everything. But still is not crawling. He scoots a bit and rolls a lot. He will pull himself up to his knees but no further yet. He gets himself into very odd positions in a matter of seconds.

He is generally a happy baby. An amber teething necklace sure helps.

He has to find out where every sound comes from. When we listen to Pandora during the day and an ad comes on he has to immediately turn his head to the computer and find the sound. In the photo, daddy was coming into the room.

He babbles a lot, saying ba, ba and ma, ma. I keep encouraging him to say momma of course. He says something close to moum when eating, I think he is trying to say more? or maybe yummy?

This baby just keeps getting better. I have loved every stage in his life so far and I am sure it will continue in that fashion.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 21-26

The past two weeks have been crazy, and things are finally setting down. This past weekend we went to the zoo (Leland's first time) and I barely even took one photo there. I also baked like crazy. And watched an awesome football game, go Chiefs!

But here are some past due photos from the photo challenge.

Day 21- Where you sleep: messiness, the pillows are barriers for baby

Day 22- Clothing: I am a sucker for camo on Leland

Day 23- In Your Closet: another mess

Day 24- Gratitude: thankful for this cutie being so healthy and wonderful

Day 25- Artwork: my favorite piece, hand me down from the in-laws, reminds me of Seville, Spain. But really is it Paris.

Day 26- Transportation: our ride

Friday, December 16, 2011

I won something!

Anymore bloggers are always having givewaways, sometimes it gets a little crazy. But after entering several, I actually won something! Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer had a giveaway from Seraphina Rose. The winner, me, got to pick out any shirt I wanted from her shop and I choose the following:

I am pretty excited to use this shirt for when Leland turns 1!

Thanks ladies for the giveaway!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

O Christmas Tree...

An ode to our tiny little tree. Hopefully we will snag a bigger one the day after Christmas this year.
And the only being that had to be placed in front of the tree was a little baby. The cats are pros at posing.