Thursday, August 23, 2012

Footage Friday v.6

Remember that time I said I was going to start posting videos on Fridays.  That stopped because I can't really take videos with the video camera anymore.  Everytime I try Leland freaks and has to have the camera pronto or else.

Proof here: (pardon the mess, we were in the middle of rearranging/cleaning.  also watch out for the end, it is a bit jumpy with leland holding the camera.)

But thankfully I realized he hasn't quite figured out that my phone also has a video camera.  I took a pretty cute photo of him the other night while he was eating some ranch dressing I made.

Then I decided to try and video the full episode on my phone, and it worked!

But I have realized that many of my videos are of Leland naked, great for me and family but not so great for world wide Internets.  I will try and be better about that so I can post more videos on Fridays. 

Anyone else interested in joining the Friday Footage?  Maybe it could be a link up in the future??

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