Tuesday, October 30, 2012


When I quickly think about it, it seems that Leland doesn't talk.  He has a very choice words like 'mine' but mainly he still uses sign language.  Whenever he does say a new word I quickly put it into my phone so I can remember.  Looking at the list, it seems that he actually does talk.

Hot, Ball, Mama, Heath, Hi, Bye, Yeah, Book, Eye, Whale, Out, Up, Whoa/wow, Owl, Bee, More, Cheese, Chicken, Football, Hippo, Papa /poppy, Cat, Elmo, Cheers, Bowl, Duck, Apple, Baby, Mine, Bison

He has even more signs than words which is impressive.  He is starting to combine words and signs to make me understand what he wants.

For example:
When he wants to watch this Elmo video about ducks.   He points to the computer, quacks, signs more, shakes his hips and says more.  It is a very clear and cute message but I often have to be the bearer of bad news and tell him "no it is not time for videos". 

It is amazing how quickly kids can learn language and start saying new words. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo had a busy weekend. 

Leland and I hit up the Children's Museum Trick or Treat Street event.  It was fun.
In fact this week with Leland has been lots of fun.
He is getting over his unbearable toddlerness and it becoming very enjoyable.
He is also into doing activities now, more than just playing.
We colored this week, made playdough and then played with it, painted, etc.  I really need to start planning an activity a day like this because it doesn't always last too long but he is starting to really enjoy it.

We also hit up Boo at the Zoo.

Then went to a Halloween Party.  Well I went to an adult party Saturday but it got interrupted by a child that was unhappy he woke up and his momma wasn't there.  Sunday we went to a kid friendly Halloween Party.  When we arrived Leland sat down and proceeded to eat for the first 30 minutes.  Then he was ready to party.   I have been pleasantly surprise how well he has done with his costume.  He hasn't minded it at all, even the head part.  It helps that it has been cold and he is use to wearing a har outside. 

Best part of having a kid around Halloween is stealing their candy.  So Dad, you are forgiven for always stealing my candy because I get it.  Kids don't need that much sugar and candy is delicious. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

18 months

It has been 18 months and we are still nursing.  I am pretty proud of it.  Leland has never needed formula or cow's milk thankfully.  I am quite surprised with how easy our experience has been overall.  He never had latching issues, I have never had supply issues, it really is all surprising and wonderful.  He nurses 3-5 times a day still.  He always nurses when he wakes up, before nap and before bed time.  Then it really varies how often and when he nurses at night.

Right now my goal is to get to 2 years and see what happens.  This goal has changed, since it was first 6 weeks, then 6 months, then 1 year.  But really after the first 6 weeks it has been much easier.  If anyone is wanting to breastfeed, I tell them give it 6 weeks before giving up.  By then you will have a routine down, your supply is somewhat normal (even if your boobs are ginormous) and your child has gotten a latch down.

I hope that with future children the experience can be just as wonderful.  It is really nice to still lay down with Leland at these times of the day and have him just be still.  It is also nice not having to buy a gallon of milk a week.  With my hopes of making it to 2 years is that I can bypass the cow milk ordeal completely.

It would be nice to be done nursing so I could really do whatever I want, when I want.  But I want him to be ready.  He has always led the way in how much he nurses and how often, the decreased in frequency has been him wanting less versus me slowly weaning him.

Here is to 6 more months. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Live in the present

My new motto that I am going to try my best to live by is live in the present.

Life is short, people die, bad things happen.  I learned about a friend's death this week.  It was very unexpected and tragic.  It is a reminder of anything can happen especially the unexpected.  

You can't live in the past or dream of the future because then you miss the present.

I would miss how Leland changes every day.  How wonderful he can be.  I miss the random moments I find him quietly reading books or playing with his animal figurines.  The sound of him waking of from a nap and running out to the living room.

All these moments would be lost and forgotten if I was reliving the past or dreaming of the toddler years being over.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow.  I want to know I lived life.  I enjoyed it and relished in the small moments.  

Live in the present.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There is no doubt that I am an introvert.  I am a homebody.  
Leland has made me go against this a bit because he likes to be out of the house.  If we stay home for too long in the morning he becomes unbearable.  Until we finally leave the house and he is automatically happier and better behaved.

Along the same lines I go in and out of social phases.  Times when I feel like doing things and making plans.  But then there are times that when being social feels very challenging and energy consuming.

I am in one of those phases right now.  The thought of having to talk to people and meet up with them sounds very draining.  It doesn't help that a couple of people I thought were friends I have decided I in fact do not care for them.

I am usually pretty good at reading people when I first meet them and getting a feel for how they are and how we will click.  This one person I knew I didn't like from the start but for some reason we kept hanging out.  Recently this person has said things that made me officially decide I don't care for them, but now I feel stuck.  Ugh. 

Today Leland is sick and I am actually a tad grateful for it.  It means I can sit in this quiet house while he sleeps most of the day.  He also has been extra cuddly and took a morning nap on me.  I think this means he is going to be a good sick person.  Totally lucked out on that one, I am not so sweet when sick.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

September Books

I still can't get over the fact that I get to read whatever I want now.  It is the best thing about not being in school hands down.   I actually liked learning things in school, but not having time to read outside of school work was not very fun.  So here is what I read last month...

 How to Be a Woman
Great book, really funny and honest.  You should definitely check this book out if you are a woman.  I love how she has children but still can make the argument of why not to have them.  I know some friends that do not want to have children and personally I totally get it.  But for some reason other people just don't get it and constantly ask them when they will have kids or tell them they will change their mind.  Isn't the planet overpopulated enough?  If someone doesn't want to have kids, so what?  I say good for them.
 The Lost Hero
A new series by Rick Riordan.  I read the Percy Jackson series over the summer and now starting this one.  Still just as entertaining with some old characters blended into the new series.  If you like young adult fiction, go ahead and read all these books. 
 Speak Softly, She Can Hear
Don't read this book.  That is all I really have to say.  It is okay, but really predictable and lame.  So jut avoid it.  You can go ahead and thank me for not wasting your time on this one. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


It seems that our weekend was overtaken by fall. 
We saw some aspens turning, went on a hike and went to a pumpkin patch. 

 At the pumpkin patch Leland rode a pony, rode in an airplane ride all by himself (it went around in a circle and then lifted up off the ground a bit), picked a pumpkin out, ate funnel cake and kettle corn. 
Leland enjoyed all of it, he was actually wonderful this weekend.  I think we might be turning a corner on toddlerhood and this momma is extra thankful for that. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My thoughts on sleep

Leland sleeps in our bed at night and I am totally okay with that and here is why:
- I don't think he should have to sleep alone if he doesn't want to because I don't like sleeping alone.  Why should a baby be forced to sleep alone because it is 'normal' when we as parents most likely prefer to sleep in the same bed as our spouse?
- I know this won't last forever.  Soon enough he will be over the momma phase and will be wanting his own space, so why not enjoy it?
- He still nurses as night and it is easier for me when he sleeps in our bed, meaning I don't have to get out of bed until morning.
- It is so incredibly sweet when he snuggles against me at night and then tries to push us out of bed (we need to get a bigger bed).
- He doesn't like have a cover on him, but since he sleeps between us I don't worry about him getting cold.
- In the morning if I don't get up right away it works out well, he just gets out of bed and goes to play ( our mattress is on the floor)
- Turns out, I prefer the mattress on the floor, who knew?

But with that, I understand why you wouldn't want to bed share, totally understandable.

But I love it and I wouldn't change it for anything.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 This week has been a bit busy.  So I am just getting around to this weekend post. 
 Grandma Patty was in town and Leland didn't want to cooperate and take a photo with her. 
This is the life of a toddler. 

Good things from the weekend:
Going out to dinner with friends sans baby.  Leland enjoyed his time with Grandma Patty, and now expect to watch a video every time the computer is on. 
There was some good food involved throughout the weekend as well.

Only one more day until the weekend starts again (they start on Thursday for me.)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I often wonder how different my parenting style would be if I worked a 'regular' job, one where I wasn't with my child all day.

I wonder if I would still be breastfeeding.  I would have long ago given up pumping.  The random pumping I had to do when I was at school was bad enough.

I doubt I would be okay with Leland still waking once in the night (or more), I would need a solid nights sleep.  But then again, who knows what that situation would be like.

But I am sure I would still love Leland just as much and that he would be just as happy.
That is the funny thing about parenting.  We all do it differently, but mostly we all turn out the same.
I just know what I am doing is best for me and my child.  This is the view I take on parenting now.

You are doing the best you can.  (I have to remind myself of this almost daily)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

(mostly) wordless wednesday

We went to a fall celebration over the weekend.  It was wonderful and relaxing.  I also got some great photos of Leland. 
Learning how to use the bell.
Tasty beverages. 
Playing with his friend. 

Monday, October 1, 2012


While this age is very trying, there are good parts.  Leland's excitement over small things and need to explore new places is fascinating to watch.  There is an awesome park in Stapleton (Central Park) and it is huge with many places to explore.  It is really close to the place I nanny, so we can go there during the day or before dinner on our way home. 

Leland is an explorer at heart.  He loves being outside, on bike rides, on walks, just seeing the world.  It is amazing to watch and be a part of. 

Leland and his friend finding the water fountain.  It was hilarious to watch.  Leland even was trying to use a piece of wheat to break into the fountain, it was hilarious.

Hopefully I can help his exploring nature grow.