Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting to Know Me, Part 1

In honor of changing the blog around, I decided you don't really know much about me.  Blogging always toes the boundary line of oversharing/undersharing.  Often I just don't think about talking about myself if it doesn't revolved around Leland because it is easy to talk about him.  And from sleep deprivation, I don't remember time before him very well. 

I found this pin on Pintrest and decided it was just what I was looking for.  There are a ton of questions to answer that are all about me, so I will slowly start answering the questions (when I have nothing better to do).  Feel free to answer the questions yourself and then post your link in the comments section.  It would be great to know you better too!  I have changed some of the questions in order to honor some privacy (last names and such) but the link to the questions shows the original questions. 

Your birth and family: 
*What is your name and how did you get that name?  Do you have any nicknames?
Megan,  I got this name because my mom wanted to name me Janet, in fact I it was already on the birth certificate.  Thankfully my old sister defended my honor and said no to that name and my dad agreed.  They got it changed to Megan, I don't think I could ever thank them enough for the change.  My mom wanted to spell it different than Megan, but she had already change the birth certificate once and didn't want to mess with it again. 
I don't really have a nickname, never really have.  The only one I really remember is Miss B.  My childhood best friend's dad insisted on calling me that, it had something to do with my attitude (or wonderful personality, you take your pick). 
*What is the date of your birth?  Where were you born?  What are some of the circumstances (when your mom went in to labor, how long, her doctor, your dad fainting, etc.) of your birth?
March 15, beware the Ides of March
Kansas City, KS
I was born on my due date, which I think says something about me.  I think my mom was this close to having to have a c-section, but forceps were used and I was born.  She also said I didn't stop crying until my dad held me. 
*What are your sibling's names?
Andrea (older sis)
Matthew (younger bro)
*How was your relationship with your siblings and parents?
I have always been close with my mom.  She is the only person I talk to on the phone.  When she is having a bad day she calls me and for some reason we often call each other at the same time.  My dad and I don't have to talk much, we just get each other, we are very similar people. 
As for my siblings, that relationship has constantly been changing.  It has generally improved since I moved away for college and never moved back in.  We don't talk too much, but I can always call them when needed/wanted.  When we see each other it is always good and enjoyable.  Again I think this has a lot to do with not living with each other anymore.
*What are some lessons you learned from you parents?
Never give up, life is hard but you will get past it, you know the normal life lessons
*How did you help in your home? 
I don't really remember, maybe I didn't?  We never had a chore chart but I kept my room clean.  Again this is one of those things that is really hard to remember now.

Look forward to seeing any of your responses to the questions!

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