Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update from the Front Range

We recently returned from Wakarusa Music Festival. This year it was located on some private land in Arkansas on top of Mulberry "Mountain". It was a great location, much more compact and I think it helped the whole festival run very smoothly. Normally we stay after the help clean up and get paid but this year I got paid during the festival for my work on the Recycling/Trash crew.
(me taking a quick break before heading back out)
Each year for Recycalusa gets better and better. We all just fall into sync so easliy at the beginning and get our work done more quickly. I am already looking forward to next year! I plan on staying longer like previous years instead of just during the festival. I feel like we are one big happy family when we are at Waka, it is just great. It was wonderful seeing K-State people we haven't seen in a while. I actually saw more music this year than usual. Jeff only volunteered so he had plenty of time off to relax and watch plenty of bands he wanted to see. I think that is all on the Waka front.
(Some of the Recycalusa gang)

We recently found a great hiking area on the SW side of Denver, near Morrison. There is a trail that leads to Mt. Falcon but we have not made it to that peak yet, just the surrouding trails. One trail leads to a Summer Home for Presidents that was never fully completed. This summer we plan to climb at least one 14er along with some other smaller peaks. Along with lots of camping and getting use to carrying our new backpacks. Further updates will come once these plans are completed. Unless we plan somethine else in June our next adventure will be going to Vegas over the July 4th weekend.


(Jeff at the Summer Home)