Thursday, September 27, 2012

Having a toddler is hard work

I feel like I keep going in a and out of liking toddlerhood.  Some days it is great, others it is very trying.  So trying I rethink having any more children.

Leland has some new tricks up his sleeve.  When he is being obnoxious and not listening, and I tell him no very sternly.  He comes up and gives me and hug and kiss.  How dare he change the subject?  
I wonder if he is really trying to make me forget, or it is just his way of saying sorry.  He also does it when he hits me (on the rare occasion).

The demanding, impatience, obsessive traits of a toddler are exhausting.  I try to ignore it as best as I can, but I often wonder what is the best way to deal with tantrums.  His usually deal with food, him not getting what he wants, when he wants, as quickly as he wants.  I think Leland would be fine with just eating consistently all day long.  But then he wouldn't eat lunch or dinner, so it is a no go. 
His favorite days are Sunday when we go to watch football and there are snacks at his level from 10-12.

But of course not every day is bad, it is just the bad days are really bad.

I got a random day off of work today and it was nice just the two of us.  He fell asleep nursing in our bed  at nap time and I didn't have the heart to move him, so there he napped.  Made me think of his baby days where it was normal for him to nap in our bed.

I know every mom is different.  I love my child so much, but I think I am a bit better with the baby stage than the toddler stage so far.  Sometimes it is challenging coming up with activities (structured and unstructured) to keep in entertained and not yelling at me because he is bored.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I know being a parent changes you but I some things I didn't think would change...

Like my love for football.  I still love it but I am just not into it like I use to be.  One reason is I can't lay around all Sunday and watch football, I am lucky to watch the first half of the first set of games.  Then it is back home for nap time.  Same goes for college games on Saturday.

I also never thought 7am would sound like sleeping in.  But I consider it a good day when Leland sleeps until 7.

Or that I would have to have a cup of coffee every morning.  I am trying not to be dependent on it too much, but some days it is a must. 

I also constantly doubt myself on what is right or best for Leland.  I feel like for the most part I stick to what my gut is telling me and it works out but there is constant doubt.

And some days I just need to slow down and be reminded of how wonderful it is to be Leland's momma. I need that today.  I am exhausted and it is only Wednesday.  Friday, please hurry up.

Monday, September 24, 2012


We had a good weekend.  It was nice a relaxing.  Weekends start on Thursday for me since I only have my own child on Friday.

Thursday night I went out with some other mom friends sans baby, it was nice.  I got my nails painted green.  They lasted about half a day before being chipped, but I expected that.

Friday was playgroup as usual and then a wedding reception.  Leland had a blast at the reception.  The house backed up to a park and he just played his little heart out.  There was sand all up in his diaper, gross.  I planned ahead and brought a night diaper and PJs to change into before we left, it was super helpful.  I took my camera and didn't touch it once, which usually means I had fun (and I did).

Saturday we went to the zoo.  It was a very nice day.  

Sunday was a lazy day and it made Leland a bit mad.  I guess I need to make sure to have something planned each day.  Hanging around the house all day is not acceptable to him anymore. 
Don't worry we won't make that mistake again.

Oh and someone is cutting another molar.  I am done with the teething phase of life.
But overall a good weekend. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's just a phase...

When do kids stop being in "just a phase" all the time and start being real people?  I feel Leland is always in a phase.  When he is doing something particularly annoying (like running into the street or waking up at all time of the night) I try not to get too upset about it or discouraged because those things have to be phases, right?  I am usually right about that because after a couple weeks have passed I will realized whatever annoying habit he had, he forgot about it and decided to pick up a new one.  Such as throwing objects (our current life lesson).

He is now apparently over the sleeping in our bed phase.  He wanted to sleep in his crib last night and did until about 4 am when he yelled at me to come get him and had some milk.  Which is good, but sad at the same time.  If I am lucky he will go in and out of this phase for a while because I really like having him to cuddle at night.

So when do kids stop being in phases?  It seems like it lasts until adulthood and then moodiness takes over. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


I am super lucky to have some great mom friends in the area.  They all get how hard it is to single parent and are always willing to help out.  Meaning constantly inviting us over for dinners and whatnot.  It is really nice.  We are able to talk about life and babies and relax with some wine.  It is always much appreciated and needed. 

I am excited to say we are actually planning a night out sans baby on Thursday.  Hopefully we don't talk about the offspring too much.  

I hope all you other mothers have a similar outlet.  I found these moms through a playgroup in our neighborhood that was originally organized on  So if you are needing to find a group, look there.  There are so many groups on that website, it is crazy. 

It is nice finding other parents to relate to on parenting topics and life topics.  Most of my pre-baby friends are still sans baby so it is hard to connect on that level sometimes.  Because unless you are going through the same thing (teething, toddlerness, sleepless nights) you can only talk about someone's kid for so long (which is completely understandably).  So other moms are needed to help that side of my life.

I have a feeling this week will be much better than the last. 

P.S. Leland chose to sleep in his crib tonight, good but also kind of sad.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

August Books

The best part about not being in school anymore is reading whatever I want.  This summer has been wonderful for that.  I am been on a big reading kick lately and hoping to share some good books.  This post is a bit late, but I have been strapped for time lately.

Here is what I read in August:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
Really great young adult series about Greek mythology.  I don't know much about this subject but the books were still really good and entertaining.  Some of the writing gets a bit corny but it is made for young teenagers, so I let it pass.  But if you read it I just wanted to make you aware of it.  

I wrote about this book a bit more on 2nd Green Revolution.  I mainly skimmed the book but it was still interesting that parts I read.  And made me re-think my meat consumption.    

The Fourth Hand
I love just able anything from John Irving.  Seriously, he is a wonderful writer, one of my favorites.  With that said, this is a good book but not one of my favorites from him.  So I would recommend another from him, such as A Prayer for Owen Meany or Hotel New Hampshire or The World According to Garp.

Hopefully I can keep reading just as much the rest of the fall, but with little time it is hard to tell.

Any book recommendations? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keeping it together

I feel like things are on the verge of collapsing and I am barely keeping it together around here.  I feel like I am constantly single parenting it.  Because even when Jeff is around he is often working on school stuff.  So I am almost all the cleaning and cooking and baby rearing.  It is exhausting.  I am not able to stay on top of things at all.  I am trying not to complain but I just need to get my emotions out a bit and this is my go to for letting it out.  

I haven't taken a single photo since we returned from Michigan (not counting Instagram photos).  So you are stuck with an Instagram photo for this post.
(I was going through Leland's old clothes, this is from 6 months old.  I got a bit sad that he is so much bigger than that size now, so Heath had to make me feel better about it, and he did.)
or two.
(Leland totally posed for this photo then came over to see it.  Gaaah why is he acting so old now?)
And then there are a bunch of other random things:
  • Leland sleeps in our bed now.  When we got back from MI he screamed when he was put in his crib at night, he is okay for naps still.  I don't mind it too much except I have to lay in there until he falls asleep.  If I try to scoot out too soon he reaches for me.
  • Our house is in constant chaos.  I call it a good night if all the toys are picked up by bedtime and the dishes are cleaned up. Everything feels dirty but I don't have time to clean.
  • Leland's dresser is still in the process of being painted, meanwhile his clothes are in a large plastic tub.  This means he likes to go through and throw things on the floor every now and then.
  • But he does help put up dishes, awesome new trick.  I set up the step ladder and he hands me dishes one a time to put away if they are clean or in the dishwasher if they are dirty.  
  • I have several pounds of concord grapes to deal with from a elderly neighbor, still don't what to do with them or when I will have time to do such idea.  
  • I want to be social on the weekends, but every time I am I think about all the things I should be doing (see above).  
I am just hoping that things get better, that I adjust better, or just stop caring.

Anyone up for a Skype date?  Leland loves it, especially when he gets to eat dinner while Skyping. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Footage v.7

This boy has been dancing non stop lately and it is absolutely adorable.  He really has some moves.  I finally caught it on tape so I will always remember and to share of course. 

Wednesday night while watching the first NFL game of the season at a friends he kept dancing every time he heard music on the TV.  It was awesome. 

Now when I say "do you want to listen to some music?", he starts dancing and runs to the computer.  Boy knows well.  He will also dance on request.

I hope this never stops, but I know it will at some point.  Thankfully it is on tape for proof of his cuteness for difficult days in the future.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Recooperating

Back from our trip but still busy, busy, busy.  Be back soon, until then here is my favorite photo from the weekend.