Sunday, May 17, 2009


It feels like summer so I am going to call it summer. We went on a 5 mile hike today near Morrison, it was great! It was one of the best hikes we have done since moving out here. We hope to continue our hiking streak. We recently bought backpacks for backpacking so we are going to start working on carrying the packs and then hopefully climb some peaks this summer! We also are looking forward to some upcoming trips.
Memorial Day weekend we will be going to Estes Park with my parents.
June 4-7 we will be in Arkansas for Wakarusa! June 8th we will be in KCMO for the day, I am sure it will be hectic with us trying to see as many people as possible.
July 4th weekend we will be in Las Vegas! with my parents.
Labor Day weekend we will be back in KCMO for the entire time! So clear your schedules
Ocotber 2-4 we will also be back in KCMO for a KState football game and a Chiefs game.

We are looking forward to our upcoming trips, hopefully there will also be some camping and baseball games added to the summer schedule.

We are still loving it out here and doing great. Hope all is well with everyone else!