Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I have a dilemma. And it is nap time.

Currently Leo takes 3-4 naps during the day and the length of the naps varies. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, more likely on the 30 minute side. And every. single. nap. is taken on one of us. And most likely in a carrier. Sometime when Jeff picks him up from campus is it nap time so he falls asleep in the car and stays asleep in the car seat once they get home.

But for the majority of his naps they are on someone and if you try and put him down after he falls asleep he wakes right back up.

And I feel like I should be thinking this is a problem, but I really don't. Is that bad? Only every few weeks do I feel that I need to force him to sleep on his own. And I feel since almost all other parents have their kids nap on their own (and there is nothing wrong with that) that I should make my kid do it as well.

But I feel (and know) that eventually he will outgrow this, just like he will outgrow sleeping with us at night (but he does sleep in the bed by himself each night for a few hours prior to us going to bed). And that these times will go by so quickly, why not enjoy it while I can? If this ends up being our only kid, I want to know that I cherished every single moment and day and nap.

And I am doing my best to do that.

So should I feel guilty?

Should I be making him take naps on his own?

Am I creating a monster?

Is there anyone else out there like me?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homemade Chipotle Burritos

I have been craving Chipotle lately. But I didn't want to go there and spend the money, so I scrounged the internet for some recipes so I could make my own Chipotle burrito at home.

And I was successful.

Generally I get the vegetarian burrito with black beans, guac, corn salsa, tomato salsa, hot salsa, sour cream and lettuce. ( I use to get the meat burritos and I didn't like them, it made me think I didn't like Chipotle but I was wrong, very wrong. I decided to be a vegetarian for most of my undergrad years and tried it again and realized I loved Chipotle, just not their meat.)

So I used this recipe to make their rice, and this one for the guacamole ( and I kid you not, it taste exactly like Chipotle guac.)

Then the corn and tomato salsa was made into one salsa using lime juice, cilantro, red onion, corn (frozen), and fresh cherry tomatoes from our back yard.

Goat milk yogurt was used instead of sour cream. (I often replace sour cream for yogurt, I feel it is healthier. And since I am trying to avoid dairy, people are generally less sensitive to goat milk than cow milk, and I think it is working for Leo's case).

Romaine Lettuce was added.

Black beans were cooked and had some cumin and salt added.

And this salsa was used for the hot salsa. It taste very similar to their salsa.

When assembling the burritos, most of the ingredients were cool or at room temperature, but I made sure to warm up the tortillas so they would wrap better. Then I wrapped each one individually in foil and put them in the refrigerator. I am looking forward to eating these throughout the week either warmed up or cold, I tend to like my Chipotle cold. I think it is only because I can never finish one of their burritos so I always have leftovers and then tend to be cold.

And I think they turned out really well, next time I need to work on my ratios a bit better, more yogurt and guac and corn for sure.

So next time you want Chipotle, try making it yourself, you will be delightfully surprised how good it turns out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Over the weekend

This past weekend we...

Played in the 'spaceship' (that is what Daddy calls it), and sometimes Leo gets upset when you take him out of it. And when he wants to be in it, he will just stare at it. Here he is concentrating on licking the fabric piece.

Napped, Daddy caught us sleeping.

Saw some friends and Leo decided to be a bully. He kept trying to steal the red hat and shove it in his mouth! And see, he thinks it is funny.

Went to the Botanical Gardens.

Played some more. He is already giving me cheesy smiles, this is when I called his name.

And Leo tried solid for the first time. We did it for a couple of nights and then I decided he isn't ready. He wasn't against the food but he wasn't that into it either. He was really into the spoon though. And I think the solids gave him some digestive issues, meaning not pooping. So we are going to wait until he can sit up by himself, because that is suppose to be a good indicator for being ready to eat solids.
The only reason I decided to start was because I thought we was ready. Mainly because last week he grabbed an apple slice from me and started gnawing on it, but I guess he just wanted something to chew on.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy Confessions- Poop

So I read a post recently by Mama G, and it reminded me of a recent situation I was in. Which turned into the grossest thing I have had to do, baby wise. I have had to do grosser things but I won't go into those details here.

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting on campus in the morning. So Leo and I packed up and headed to campus for the day because there was no point in driving there and then coming back before class started. I packed 4 cloth diapers and was thinking that was more than enough since he generally only needs a changing after a nap so every 2-3 hours.

And then at some point in the day baby decided to poop, a lot. So first change of the day happens, and then twenty minutes later he does it again... umm maybe that is a fluke? Change diaper again, then about 10 minutes later, another poop. This keeps repeating until we are on the last diaper. I tell him, okay kid this is the last one until Daddy comes and gets you, and that is not for another couple of hours. What does he do 20 minutes later? Poops.

I just sat there in shock for a bit, not really knowing what to do next. Then I put on my mom face and did the best I could.

This meant taking off that last dirty diaper and wiping/scrubbing out as much poop as I could with a burp cloth. Then spreading/covering whatever essence was left in the diaper with diaper cream. I also diaper creamed up his bottom. I was not wanting him to have to sit in his own poop for a couple of hours and get a terrible rash.

So there is it, not my greatest moment but I didn't really know what else to do.

Oh and he didn't get a diaper rash. At least that worked out as planned.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have come to the realization that we have too much shit stuff. Hence the purging.

I am on a selling and giving away rampage. We have so much stuff accumulating dust, especially some wedding gifts that have yet to be used. So I am slowly cleaning out our entire house. I cleaned out the kitchen area, kitchen storage area, and china cabinet thus far. Still working on cleaning out the closets. And once everything in the house is done, I will move onto the garage.

The garage is going to be the worst because many items tend to go there when we don't want to see them anymore but don't want to deal with them either.

The most difficult thing that needs to be dealt with is our TV. It is a good TV but we don't use it. Since we got rid of cable and Netflix, we rarely turn it on. But it weighs a good 200 pounds at least. It is heavy and massive and I wish it would just disappear.

But all this cleaning feels really good, less stuff equals happier Megan. And hopefully we will have less stuff to deal with next time we move.

Friday, September 23, 2011

One of the lucky ones...

So I guess I could be considered one of the lucky ones. One of those people that loses all of their baby weight while breastfeeding, plus a little extra (like 5 pounds extra). Yep that is right, I now weigh less than I did prior to getting pregnant. Say what?

But this wasn't on purpose, I swear. The only time I tried to lose weight after he was born, I wasn't really trying. I was just trying to get some muscle back that I had lost while being pregnant. So I did some Julian Michael circuit training for about a month and a half, but I haven't done it since school started. I did get that muscle back! but also lost some weight in the process.

I blame it on baby.

Not only is he literally sucking the life out of me, but a good portion of the time when I am trying to eat, he picks that moment to start crying or screaming or demanding to be fed.

I also put the blame on baby because I have self-diagnosed him with a milk sensitivity. This means I can't have ice cream! and have to limit my cheese and yogurt consumption. And I am a person that only eats full fat dairy, skim milk is for wussies. So there goes a good portion of my calories.
I came to this decision because after I eat dairy he screams with gas pains and vomits, a lot. I know babies spit up, but this would be pretty much his whole meal he would be regurgitating.

On top of that we generally don't keep snack items in the house, because then you just snack on them. So I was only eating three meals a day at best. Breakfast usually never gets finished and if it does, it takes at least an hour to eat - all because of baby. Meaning I was going to bed hungry, often.

But now we have some snack items such as hummus that is too salty (won't be eating that), hard boiled eggs ( my favorite), peanut butter granola bars, and some apple oatmeal muffins. I am going to be better about keeping this stuff on hand, and maybe making the hummus myself next time, so that I don't continue to lose weight. Because I don't want to lose anymore, I still want my clothes to fit.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denver boy

This baby loves John Denver, well he likes a particular John Denver song that I sing to him, On the Road. I sing this to him as I rock him to sleep before naps and bedtime.

And one night I forgot to, and he wouldn't go to sleep, until I remembered to do so. Just like the night where Daddy forgot to read him his bedtime stories, and he refused to go to sleep until that happened.

I think he knows his bed time routine better than we do.

And speaking of John Denver, I recently got 'An Evening with John Denver' off of iTunes, and it is all I want to listen to know. I use to listen to this album as a kid, and it is far out! I really wish I could have seen him play at Red Rocks.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 months

Someone turned 5 months yesterday...

Baby got back...
These cheeks are the best, I especially love the dimples.

His favorite thing to look at.
And I swear that cat is posing... again.

Current favorite toy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

White lie

Okay so maybe he isn't totally on my side.

He now wakes up between 6:30 and 7. There was even a day of 5:30. not cool baby. not cool.

It has hard to adjust to this when I still go to bed fairly late (11ish) because once he goes down for the night I have to do school work. That is the only time I really get anything done.

And I can't function well when I get anything less than 7 hours of sleep. I need a lot of sleep, preferably about 9 hours.

And I only wake up in the mornings because he is up, and he is usually waiting for me to wake up. Because when I open my eyes, he is staring at me. And then he begins to smile.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

He is on my side...

We were having playtime the other day and it ended up turning into giggle time.

This particular giggle session started because I said something along the lines of, "Daddy doesn't know what he is talking about, does he?" and then said, "No he doesn't."

Commence the laughter.

So I think it is safe to say, he is on my side... for now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost 5 months

Leo is now almost five months and he is becoming quite the character.

He is starting to demand attention, by screeching at you when you aren't looking at him. And once you do look at him, he will sometimes try and talk to you, but will always give you a smile.

He is starting to roll over from back to tummy. But mainly when we aren't looking.

He laughs, a lot.

His playmat that he loved so dearly had to be retired, because somehow he figured out a way to collapse it on himself. And was doing it too often for comfort.
( He looks innocent here, but turn your back and he will have collapsed the thing.)

He is starting to enjoy playing peek-a-boo, still working on him actually taking the blanket off of his head once he puts in on there.

He has officially out grown three month onesies. They are super tight on him. He has moved onto 3-6, and 6 month clothing. The 6 month clothing is still baggy on him though, he needs to work on the chubs part.

He still refuses to put weight on his legs, I think he is being a bit lazy.

He is still sleeping in our bed at night, and I don't think Daddy or I are anywhere close to stopping this.

He still loves it when you sing to him. And now I will start clapping or snapping and telling him to dance. He response is to look at him and kick his legs and move his arms. I think this is his version of dancing, but who knows.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We have a book co-op in our neighborhood we are members of, and we go there every so often to drop books off or browse their selection.

The past couple of times I have checked out the children's books and have found some good ones to bring home and add to Leo's library. I am always searching for books that I remember enjoying and reading as a kid. Such as Love You Forever and Is Your Mama a Llama?. And I may have not known about Sandra Boynton as a kid, but I sure enjoy reading those books to Leo (Belly Button Book is the best).

But this past weekend I found The Monster at the End of this Book.
I don't really know why I loved this book so much, but I did and so it was a must. And once we got home, I really could not wait to read it to him. I know he doesn't really know what I am saying yet or care but I think he still enjoys looking at the pictures. And he definitely enjoys touching the books.

So hopefully all this reading will make him a book worm, otherwise he will get pretty bored when Daddy and I go to bookstores and libraries.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I swear this cat has attention issues. I have never known a cat to be so needy. And he knows what the camera means.

Example 1: Jeff and Leo were taking an afternoon nap, Heath decided to join in on the action and force me to get the camera out. Once the camera was out and I was going to take a picture, he looked at me, then closed his eyes. No joke, he was posing.

Example 2: Classic photo bomb. Again he saw the camera was out and not being pointed at him, so he decides to join in on the action himself. And he had to try and be cute while doing it, hence the baby sniffing. He really doesn't care for this baby at all. Whenever I sit on the couch with Leo and Heath is on the couch, he immediately gets off and acts offended. Or if Leo starts to cry at some point and Heath is in the room, he will obviously leave the room.

He must know where all his attention went.

But Leo sure loves his kitties. Whenever I put Leo's hand on one of the cats he smiles (but I have to be careful with this because sometime Heath is not in the mood for a baby that stole his attention and tries to bite Leo's chubby hand). He also watches them move around the room. And while at our friend's house (they have two dogs) he laughed when one of the dogs licked his hand. Good signs.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today was the first day of the NFL season (well technically it was Thursday- Go Packers! but Sunday is the true football day) so in keeping with tradition, we headed over to our friend's house for the day to watch football...

And the Chiefs blew it. It was not a pretty game, and I am hoping it was just a fluke. I know they have a hard schedule ahead of them this season, but I am hoping for them to at least show some effort. Hopefully next week will be better, hopefully.

Leo was a good baby the whole day despite only take a few 30 minute naps. He was captivated by the TV, I told him he only gets to watch TV on Sundays, only during football season. It is pretty easy to enforce this when we don't have cable.

Here is our little football fan.

This is his "Oh, they lost?" face

"Maybe my cuteness will help them next weekend"

"At least this bib taste good"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mama and Dada

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take pictures will Leo instead of just taking pictures of Leo. Someday he may want to look at a few pictures that are not just of him, and there are a lot of those. So every so often, hopefully once a week, I hand Jeff the camera (I usually have it in my hand) and say take some photos please.
And then I also take the camera back and take some more photos.
I am totally a sucker for camo on a baby, he kind of has a lot.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Leo now likes to grab his birdie when he is in his seat. It entertains him, thankfully, on the many car trips he now has to take to and from campus. He will just keep grabbing it throughout the car ride. And sometime he likes to stick its feet in his mouth.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There is nothing better than a tomato for your own garden! I have some wonderful memories as a kid, eating cherry tomatoes from the garden in our back yard. They tasted so good. And since I know how good a tomato can and should taste, I have a hard time understanding why people buy tomatoes when they are not in season. They are gross and mealy(from being refrigerated, never refrigerate a fresh tomato) when they are not fresh. Our tomato plants are doing really well this year! It is exciting to actually get produce from our back yard. I feel like we were failures last year. But at the same time, we had no idea what we were doing. Somehow learning how to garden has not been passed on in recent generations. In the spring we had spinach and lettuces. Now we have tomatoes and hopefully some zucchini will make an appearance at some point. Last week between Monday and Friday, this bowl filled up. So this weekend we had a lot of tomatoes to deal with. We made bruschetta with the some of the cherry tomatoes, the rest were roasted and will be made into pesto. And the Roma got blanched and made into sauce. The early girls got roasted and will be eaten on some creamy grits later this week. Next summer I think we need a few more Roma plants so we can have enough to make extra sauce for the winter. Also we need some bigger sized tomatoes, the early girls are just too small. I am already looking forward to the garden next year, and I can only hope Leo will help.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Wearing

So I may have bought another baby carrier this weekend. I might have a slight addiction. But when you use one everyday, it is somewhat necessary to have options.
It is the Ergo. And I think it is my favorite thus far. I really like the moby for around the house, it really makes for a snuggly baby. It is also the best to use for a newborn. And the babybjorn is okay, it is nice that you can face the baby out, and Leo really likes that. But the Ergo is the best. It has the best support, meaning your back doesn't hurt after baby wearing for 4+ hours a day. It also has a handy head cover, to block out the sun. And it has a zip pocket in the front to hold your keys. This is now my go to for outings. Also it has a much higher weight limit that the moby or babybjorn and you can front-wear, side-wear, and back-wear. Too awesome! So if you don't baby wear, I don't see how you function. And if you want a great carrier, get an Ergo.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sippy cup

Last weekend we bought some sippy cups. I am hoping that once he reaches 6 months we can eliminate the bottle completely and use a sippy cup. Not that he gets many bottles, maybe one a day while I am in class, but less to worry about later, right? I figured I would get him at least use the idea of the cup. He thinks it is an awesome thing to chew on, I mean it had handles! I also put a tiny bit of water in it so that he can start to understand liquid comes out of it when he chews and sucks on it. But so far, it is just an amazing chew toy for some bottom teeth that are being mean.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lazy afternoon

It is nice to have lazy afternoons, hanging with a baby.

It is fun he is getting more interactive. But I still partially miss his newbornness. He was just so tiny and helpless. It was precious. This cannot be my last baby because I need more newbornness.