Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One week down

This was the first real week of single parenting it for three nights in a row.  It has been exhausting.  Last week Jeff got out of class early so he was home around 7 each night.  It was at least a bit of a breather.  This week, not so much.
Plus we leave tomorrow to visit some friends in Michigan.  And I still need to pack and get the house ready.
Plus Leland is cutting molars.
Plus Braxton (the baby I watch) is having issues napping this week.
Plus all my photos disappeared on the computer.  Thankfully they are still on the camera and backed up on flickr.  I have no idea how this happened.
Plus I feel like complaining. (okay I am done now).

Really I am just tired and it makes everything worse.  I would like to sleep more than 7 hours in a night and I think that would help a teeny bit.

But I don't feel like wallowing in pity, so I will stop whining...

Tonight Leland and I had a momma and baby date night.  Other mommas and babies come over of course, since drinking alone is frowned upon and momma needs a glass of wine.  There was good wine, good food, and good conversation (meaning adult conversation).  It was much needed.  I didn't even care about the dishes I had to do because it was a nice refresher.

Lets hope this weekend keeps up the good spirits!

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  1. Girl- I am with you on the teething:( Not fun. And I am getting 4 hours of sleep bc of my 4 year old. Hope your weekend was better!!