Friday, January 28, 2011

28 weeks

We are now into the third trimester.  I am feeling more worn out earlier in the day, like 5pm.  I wish I had time in the day to take a nap, it would really help.  But out of the days I work, only one is a full shift which is nice.  I have noticed that when I eat lately I am getting fuller quicker.  Even though my stomach keeps expanding my belly button is still an innie, I think this is only because I have a ridiculously deep belly button.  It does look a little funny though, but still an innie. 

My only complaint right now is people telling me how much bigger I look than the last time I saw them.  Or how much I have grown in a couple weeks.  I wish people would just keep their mouths shut.  They make think it is cute I am getting larger, but that is because it is not them gain weight.  I know I need to gain weight, and I am fine with getting bigger.  I just don't like how others like to point it out and go on and on about how much I have grown. 
I guess another complain is people in public staring at me.  I would be fine if they would just say something but instead I just get stares, like they can't decide if something is wrong with my stomach or I am pregnant. 

I think I am done collecting cloth diapers though!  One more thing down on my to-do list. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spain Part 3

On Monday the 10th we took a walking tour of Sevilla, hosted by an English speaking local.  Later that afternoon we visited the massive Gothic cathedral of the town.
Later we walked to the river, ate some really good chocolate cherry gelato and ate more tapas for dinner.  The best tapa of the dinner was pig cheek.  

On Tuesday the 11th we walked across the river to visit another part of Sevilla.  On the way we found a market and bought some spices ( saffron and paella seasoning).  Then we went to the Palace and its massive gardens.  We were on a time limit since we had to return the rental car and fly to Bilbao that night, but you could have spent an entire day in the gardens.  

Once we got to Bilbao we ate more tapas for dinner, which in that region of Spain (Basque) they have their own language and tapas are pintxos. 

On Wednesday the 12th we then traveled to San Sebastian by train.  There was a lot of traveling involved once we got to Spain, I felt like I was taking Dramamine every day.  We then walked around the town for a while.  That evening we had a very good and relaxing dinner and we all agreed that we ate too much that day/dinner. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

27 weeks

So there is only three months left.  And I have a lot to do within those 90 days, like finish getting all the supplies needed for a baby, taking a birthing class of some sort, starting and finishing a semester at school, cleaning everything in this house because it all looks and feels dirty, cleaning all the baby clothes, prepping all the cloth diapers, etc, etc. 

I am also feeling huge.  And can't seem to get full or satisfied when eating.  I will be full and then hungry 30 minutes later.  With this, I am trying to make healthy choices in eating and not over do it.  And sometimes I just ignore the hunger because I know I have eaten plenty already. 

Had another doctors appointment on Monday, everything is good.  I go back to two weeks, the two week appointments have already started.  And I have to take the gestational diabetes test the next time.  I am a little worried about it, but hopefully everything is fine. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spain Part 2

On Saturday the 8th we visited Alhambra in Granada.  This is an old palace and fortress that was built in the 14th century by Moorish rulers.  It was really impressive and massive.  By the end of the day we were ready to just leave even though we didn't see everything.  It just became too much after a whole day of wondering around it. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Spain Part 1

On Wednesday the 5th we started the journey to Spain by leaving Denver around 7 am on a flight to Charlotte, then we flew from Charlotte to Philly and then Philly to Madrid.  We arrive in Madrid on Thursday the 6th at about 7am.  We were really tired but knew we had to stay awake to avoid jet lag. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

25, 26 Weeks

So I been absent, but with good reason.  We had a vacation to Spain!  And it was really nice, and I will updating on that later.  I am currently uploading about 700 pictures from the trip onto shutterfly, you can find that page to the right.  But while I was gone, I still took my weekly photos.
So on the day of week 25, the day was spent flying to Spain.  Three flights and up for way too long to get there.  One stop was in Philadelphia and we found a liberty bell made from legos in the airport. 

The day of week 26 we were in San Sebastian.  Here the bump is with el biblo, the book Jeff's parents could not put down the whole trip. 

Overall, I am feeling very large.  Bending over is getting harder and harder.  When laying down or sitting it is getting harder to find a comfortable position. But the baby is kicking away. 

Another appointment is tomorrow and looking forward to it, it seems like forever since the last one.