Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am having a mental debate lately about this blog and I am not for sure what to do.  I don't want the focus to necessarily be Leland and I feel that is all I talk about, which gets a tad boring as wonderful as he is.  But really I am more than a mom and I need an outlet for that.  For some reason whenever I want to post about something else I don't (which is lame), so the change is more for me than anything.

Which made me think I should just start a new blog and leave this one all about Leland ( and maybe even making it a private blog for family/close friends). 

At the same time I could just change the name of this blog since we do not plan to stay in Denver forever.  I would like a more permanent name and look.  I am thinking about using a web designer recommended by Sarah

So what would you do: change this blog or start a new one?


  1. u think too much girl, haha...just leave the title for now (change it when/if you move, or then start anew)and just blog about whatever you want, read what your sub title says underneath, looks like it should be all about whatever anyway..love ya, unc jeffro

  2. I think I would leave it and just start posting about things you want to. I post about stuff other than Evie! It's your blog and I think it gives people a better glimpse into who you really are as a person when you post about stuff other than just your kids, ya know? I hope you do contact Tiffany she's super amazing!

  3. I love your blog the way it is!