Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to school

Now that I have gone back to school it is Jeff's turn.
I am pretty happy for him, but kind of dreading it too.
See he will be in class Monday-Wednesday 5-8.  Meaning Leland won't get to see him those days since we don't get home from nannying until after 5 and I won't get help those evenings.

It also means Jeff will be busy with school work the other nights, leaving me to do most of the work around the house.  Which is fair since he did the same when I was in school and pregnant and taking care of a newborn. 

It makes me really appreciate how much he does around the house. 

I feel like I won't ever get to see him, dramatic I know.  And that all I will do is clean and cook, again dramatic(but I am really good at that).

Hopefully it won't be that bad, or this semester goes by quickly.  One good thing about having a kid is that time really does fly.  Before we know it these next two years will be over and he will be graduating. 

I hope Leland doesn't miss him too much, or too upset about it.  He is getting to where he really likes his daddy.  I am afraid this may change that a bit, since children usually like people when they see them a lot.  Hopefully weekends can make up for it.  I may just have to sneak out on Saturday and Sunday and give them some alone time. 

At least we are starting to cook all our meals on the weekend again, so there is minimal cooking done during the week.  Mainly just reheating needs to be done.  It makes a big mess on Saturday/Sunday but totally worth not having to stress about dinner Monday-Friday. 


  1. I totally get you on this! Chris is "going back to school" as well (he is adjunct faculty) and it means four nights a week doing it all! I am tired just thinking about it. We will have to have twitter wine and beer parties together.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful plan! We may even have to make a Skype date, I am sure the kiddos would get a kick out of it.