Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter blues

I am so tired of winter.  Maybe it is because I have a kid that can't walk meaning, I am limited to what we can do outside right now, especially with snow on the ground.

Or maybe it is the cloud looming over me telling me I will never get it all done.  This semester is kicking my ass.  Especially this week.  I realized everything that needs to be done in the next couple months and it is freaking me out.  But I think I am back on top of it.  I really have to stick to focusing on one thing each day/night to accomplish.  Otherwise I get overwhelmed and shut down. 

Also to help this, the next few Sundays I will be leaving the sweet babe and baby Daddy to get some work done out of the house.  Nights just aren't going to cut it with a thesis to write on top of school work.

I am also having one of those moments where I really miss my 'old' friends (high school and college friends).  I have friends here but it seems I am constantly having to make new ones as well, it is tiring.  I made friends at IAS but then left and so we drifted, same has happened with VC friends.  I now have a baby, so it is a bit different with non-baby friends.  They still go out to drink and I stay in with Leland.  Not that my 'old' friends have kids, but it is just different with them.  It is nice not to have to explain my relationship with my siblings or even tell them I have siblings.  They just know, they know my past.  They really should just move to Colorado.  But instead we live all over the country.

This is the face that keeps me going:
 Even when he only takes one nap a day (that happened Saturday).
 This face happens all the time.
 Plotting his next move. 


  1. I've felt the same way--I'm seriously lacking Vitamin D. The two times I've felt brave enough to load the baby up in the baby carrier to go for a walk, I a) was chastised because a portion of his leg was sticking out (It was close to 50 degrees outside!) and b) he ended up with an ear infection, so yeah, I've felt pretty trapped.

    That face is pretty adorable, though, and I'm glad you have a plan in place to help you finish your thesis.

  2. I get like this too. I try to take a walk, even if it really cold, to take my mind to another place. I know what you mean about your friends and not having kids. I was there a few years ago too. The good news is everyone eventually catches up and then you don't feel so alone. I love the pictures of Leland. He is super cute!