Friday, March 2, 2012

Cleaning Schedule

Time is a funny thing.  There is rarely enough of it.  When extra time comes up you are so shocked by it you just sit there wasting it.  Since time is limited one of the things that gets ignored in our house is cleaning.  We get the dishes done and Jeff thankfully cleans the litter box and takes the trash out.  It is just the other things that get forgotten.  Deep cleaning is the worst.

So starting at the beginning of the this year I made a cleaning schedule for those other tasks.  It has been very helpful.  I am a person that strictly follows my to do list or calendar, it helps me feel sane and checking things off is a wonderful feeling.  I have make to-do lists for a very long time, just ask my mom.

Having a task assigned each day has been a good way to go about it, so I don't feel like I have to clean everything over the weekend.  I also know that on days that are generally more hectic (Thursday and Friday) I generally won't have the 'extra time' to clean, so I avoid assigning a task on those days.

Here is our chore chart, having it iCal is also very handy, I can make tasks repeat as often as necessary.  Some are weekly, every other week or every month.  Another great thing about this schedule is my house feels clean, almost all of the time.  Nothing better than a clean house.  

Do you have a chore chart? Or just clean as you feel necessary?

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  1. That is all sorts of awesome! I need to do this because I always get behind on all my chores. Ingenious!