Monday, February 6, 2012


I often find myself in a conversation mentioning the fact that I am getting my Masters.  Then the questions start.

What is your degree in? Environmental Science

What are you going to do with your degree? Umm, I stay at home with Leland and plan to keep doing that.

:Awkward Silence:

Then I have to explain myself. 

Why can't I just be an educated stay at home mom?

Let me explain.  I had my baby so I could stay at home with him and spend time with him.  While I know not everyone has this option or even chooses to do this, I did.  So again, what is so wrong with that?

On further note, why do us moms always have to explain every single decision we make.  When is it going to be the norm that we make decisions without an explanation needed?

Really I need to be better about giving explanations, meaning stop giving them when they are not actually given, so always. 

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  1. No explanation needed for me. I was thinking about something similar today. When I am asked to tell about my hobbies or what i like to do outside work. I think everyone thinks its weird if I say, my kids and family. your mom