Friday, February 3, 2012


Jeff and I were talking the other night about love and how there should be more than one word for it.  There are so many different meanings and emotions that go into the word love that there needs to be more than one way to explain your feelings.  Eskimos have multiple words for snow since it is such a big part of their society and livelihoods.

Isn't love a major part of our lives and every day activities?  Doesn't it deserve more than one word?

I think so. 

Loves that need a new word:
Motherly love
Friendship love
Spouse love
Parent love
Sibling love
'You are driving me crazy but I still love you' love
Pet love

Can you think of any other loves that need a new word?

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  1. I remember learning from a sermon or two that the language the Bible was written in -- the Greek I think -- had different words for different kinds of love. Filio for strong friendship and agape for God's love for us, for instance. When the Bible was translated into English, they were all translated as the one word love. Like you, I think we need different ones. We could try to use the Greek ones! I can't remember any of the others now, we should look it up.