Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Lelando turned a whopping 10 months over the weekend.  Crazy stuff. 

He is so squirmy lately, it is almost impossible to get a decent photo of him.

 - best photo ever, cheese face
 - being sweet
 - he loves the vacuum, has to follow it around the house
 - loving his ball

I also think out of nowhere my supply is dropping.  It is the worst in the morning, isn't that weird? But maybe it is just Leland not wanting or needing as much at that time.  It is just sometimes it takes a really long time for let down to happen or for him to actually be drinking versus just sucking.  I don't know the full reason of this, but in case it is me I am drinking Mother's Milk tea twice a day now.  This stuff is disgusting.  But manageable when combined with chai tea, milk and honey.  His feedings before naps and bedtime are fine, it is just during the night and morning where the problem is.  

Adding to this, the past few nights Leland isn't waking up as much, woohoo!  I am fine with him waking up as much as he needs, but it is also wonderful getting long stretches of sleep.  He has only been waking up twice at most the past couple of nights, it is awesome.  That includes when he wakes up once I go to bed. 

Leland's birthday is approaching,which means my birthday is approaching.  I still can't get over how fast time is going lately.  It is a bit ridiculous, I mean I still have thing to do, a lot of things to do.  Particularly a thesis to write before a specific deadline, so time needs to take a chill pill for the next couple of months.   

I am going to be 26 soon, really?  Not that it is old or I feel old, but I can't believe how long it has been since I was in high school or at K-State.  Those ideas kind of freak me out.  But then life didn't really ever exist without Leland, or so it seems. 

But now someone is awake from a nap...


  1. His "cheese" face looks like an great-uncle Alan expression!!....love grandma patty

  2. my milk is still tanking too. Boo. I couldn't do the tea - blech. I wish someone would have told me it tastes like licorice. Good luck, I hope it helps!

  3. Sounds like someone is knocked up ;)