Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new breed

 Leland has still not produced a tooth.  These pictures prove he is still all gums.  But as you can see, he is drooling like a champ (his shirts have been soaked all weekend).  I have given up the hope of actually having a tooth pop a long time ago.
 I joked to Jeff that he is the start of a new baby breed.  Where they don't get teeth so they can keep on nursing and stop aging when they turn 1.  I think I am just in denial about those two things.  The first birthday is creeping around the corner and soon enough he will get teeth and nurse less and less.
 I think you could say he is teething though.  He has to chew on everything.
But he seems pretty happy about the no teeth thing, and so are the boobs.  We haven't had any biting issues thankfully, and I think it is mainly from not having teeth. 

On a side note, the above photo shows his 'cheese' face that he is currently sporting.  It is pretty freaking adorable. 


  1. we were late teeth getters here too. i think it's genetic!! then he won't lose his first tooth until 2nd grade and feel all left out because he never will get a sticker on the tooth board and get to pick a treasure out of the tooth chest in kindergarten. [not that i'm holding a grudge 25 years later or anything].

    and as far as biting, luckily i never got bit when he had teeth but he bit me once when he had only gums and taht hurt too. i'm sure he will keep nursing just as much when he gets teeth and it will be fine.

  2. The picture of him biting the edge of the table is hilarious! Tell him Grammy loves him.

  3. Aw- he is just too cute! Zane is hugely teething here too!