Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last week we flew to KC to visit family. It was a good trip overall. But the best part was how great Leland was on the plane both times.

First time he feel asleep before boarding started and stayed asleep until I got my drink. Then we played with toys and with the magazine in the seat and looked out the window and then it was time to land! No crying or fussing, woohoo!

The second time was even better. He fell asleep right before we boarded and stayed asleep until we started to descend into Denver.

Seriously, how did I get awarded such a good baby? I feel every time we fly I expect the worse and I get the best. Don't know how it happens but it does.

I used the ergo the whole time, since it is easy to undo and semi-take off without having to take a sleeping baby out of the carrier. Technically you are not suppose to have a baby strapped to you during take off and landing, so I try to avoid it, even though no one has ever said anything to me about it.

Hopefully this cutie can do this well when we fly again after Christmas.

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