Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow- again

Linking up with the anderson crew: embrace the camera.

It snowed last week again. I decided we should try to put Leland in the snow again, because he just needs to get use to it with living in Colorado.

This time around, was not quite as tramatic, mainly because I was holding him most of the time. Once I put him in the snow again (standing up) he still wasn't so sure about it. But no meltdown this time around.

Maybe it is getting better?


  1. cute!! I want some snow here in Texas!!!!

  2. I'm from CO. The snow has been fun for the kids. But I missed fall!! You've got cutie! Found you from the anderson crew.

  3. Snow! I can't wait!!
    visiting from "embrace the camera"

  4. Snow so soon?! We are in Oklahoma, so we don't get snow until we get a blizzard. Your family is so cute!

  5. Very cute! He looks pretty happy about the snow in the first two pictures :)

  6. What a doll-- my kids are dying for some snow around here, but I can wait a bit longer! Stay warm!