Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Challenge: First 7 days

I decided to do this photo challenge in hopes of expanding my subjects beyond Leland. I am trying (really), but sometimes it is just too hard, especially when I am just doing what comes to mind with each topic.

I also wanted to do this challenge, because I want to take the jump and become one of those people that takes their camera everywhere. I am self-conscious about it and tell myself it is bulky. But I really do want to document everything. I love looking at photos, I remember doing it a lot as a kid. And I know I will as I get older too, and I want to have photos for Leland to look at, if he also likes to look at photos. The kid won't have any problems in seeing photos of himself as a baby (I take a photo of him everyday).

I had a friend that made fun of me for always taking photos, saying some moms people are always taking photos and not being in the moment. But I really don't think I do that. Sure I am taking photos when I go out and do something (like visiting a pumpkin patch), but that doesn't mean it was continuously. I got the photos I wanted and I would turn the camera off and continue enjoying my time. Did I mention this friend is an iPhone addict? Who do you think is more connected? Again, I want to document things for myself and for Leland, I don't see the harm is doing so.

Also, this whole time change and winter thing is really messing with my lighting. I now have to plan out when I can take a photo, since it gets dark at 5pm and good natural lighting in the house is now limited to 11am-3pm. Lame. Very lame. So I apologize if lighting is a bit off, but I am doing my best to adjust.

So here are the first seven days:

1. Favorite Food- this is my favorite veggie burger, served with avocado, cabbage, sprouts, red onion, and garden tomatoes(the last we have of the season :sad face: ),oil and balsamic

2. Smile- okay, really, who else would I choose as my subject

3. Happiness- I think it is safe to say, my happiness is tied up in these two beings

4. Leaves- the best thing to play with in the fall

5. Morning sky-

6. Books- my current to read stack

7. Something funny- this was a hard photo, I didn't know what to do as funny. But this picture is funny to me, so that counts right? Even babies have work to do and important calls to take.

I am also thinking I may need to purchase Adobe Lightroom in the very near future while I am a student and get a discount.


  1. That sandwich looks delicious. I've been considering Lightroom, too. You'll have to let me know how it works out.