Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bed Sharing

(Pillows keep him in the safety zone.)

Why we decided to bed-share and still do:

1. I don't have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to feed a baby.
1b. With side lying nursing, I practically don't even wake up for a feeding.

2. Cuddles

3. No worrying about Leland getting too cold at night, he stays nice and toasty between us.

4. Less worrying about him not breathing, because I can continuously check on him while sleeping. (And often do, it is the first thing I do when I go to bed.)

5. Every morning I wake up to a baby looking at me, and of course he is starting my day with a smile.

I know this isn't for everyone, and before Leland was born I didn't think this would be us. We had a pack n' play all ready right next to the bed for the beginning and then I figured we would transition him to the crib. I also thought he would be napping in his crib, but that only recently happened.

But as soon as that cute little baby was born and we were in the hospital, I knew we would be bed-sharing. I didn't want him to be in that hard plastic cell you were suppose to put him in. Partially because he seemed so alone and partially because it was a pain in the ass to get out of the bed to get him and feed him every two hours ( I did just give birth you know and was all sore and stuff).

So in the bed he was and in the bed he stayed. And we like it, all of us. I made sure to ask Jeff if he was okay with Leland staying in the bed for awhile, and he is. In fact, I think when it is time for Leland to transition to his own bed, Jeff is going to take it the hardest. Just like he is the saddest about the new nap situation, Daddy's don't like their babies growing up either.

But anyway, don't knock it until you try it and see how awesome bed-sharing can be.

P.S. We are lucky to have a quiet sleeping baby and a non-movement baby. Meaning he isn't a snorer and doesn't wiggle or move much when sleeping. But when he is in his crib napping, he moves all over the place while sleeping. I don't really get it.


  1. Andrew is a noisy wiggler when he sleeps so it never worked for us. Even just sharing a room with him meant little sleep for us. I'm glad that you don't have that problem!

  2. I bring Blaine into my bed after 4 AM. We made the rule since 5 AM became 4 became 3 became 2 and pretty soon he was waking up and pointing to our room at 11 pm at night. ;) But sleeping beside him is pretty much not only the best part of my day, it is the best part of my life.