Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Learning how to be a new momma can be challenging at times.

The other day I realized some things I need to teach my kid that I never even thought about.

I read, sing and talk to him throughout day. But until last week I never tried to get him to wave hi, or shake his head yes or no. Meaning, I haven't been doing these things, so he can see. I never even thought these are things he needs to learn from me. But now I realize I was just being stupid and overlooking some basics.

It is crazy the things we have to show and teach our kids, how are we suppose to do it all? I am afraid I will forget important things along the way. I think I need to start making a to-do list, is it too early for that?

Hopefully I will do better from now on.

For now I am doing my best.


  1. Cool picture! Here's my suggested list for you: Don't worry. :-) You're doing a good job!

  2. I read this post last night and it really resonated with me, especially since I know DS is about to be inundated with noisy, flashy toys. I don't really need the toy that says colors in english, spanish and french! Anyway, I'm sure you are doing fine. I've been worrying about DS not getting enough floor time to crawl. We pulled up the carpet and he slids on the hardwood, and he just loves his jumper so much that he doesn't get a lot of floor time.
    I guess it's always something.

  3. Here's the link:


  4. Try not to worry. Easier said than done. You are a fabulous mom!

  5. I just started realizing this too! Don't stress yourself out with a list. If it's not one thing to worry about, then it's another ;)

  6. One thing to think of Megan that always eased my fears.... Have you ever seen a "normal" developing kid not be able to wave? Or not be able to say hi? Or not do "so big?" Or not crawl, walk, run? It took until having my second (Ashley) to totally quit worrying about what she should be doing based on research and to just TOTALLY enjoy what she soaks in- that way it's so much fun when they finally do it... it totally surprises you! Sure it's totally fun to teach them stuff if they are into it as well, but don't bend over backwards trying to teach it all.... it's not possible :) And as for making the list...... add these things and you'll be ok....
    1. love them
    2. snuggle them
    3. kiss them
    4. talk to them
    5. read to them
    6. grow with them
    7. enjoy them
    PS for some reason I doubt you even need to refer to the list!

  7. They will pick it all up along the way. I bet Leland does a lot of things that other babies his age don't (and vice versa). It's not a big deal...you're doing great. :)