Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It is Friday yet?

This week has been draining.

Monday we took MJ in to the vet and she had to go back Tuesday to get her teeth cleaned. Turns out her teeth were so bad that when they went to clean a tooth it would fall out itself. Poor kitty lost about 10 teeth total, mainly molars. She still has her canines and front baby teeth, but pretty much everything else is gone. I still feel terrible for not catching this earlier, but I think she feels better now. She had quite a bit of energy Tuesday night and is eating her wet food well, which she use to hate wet food. She is also still on pain medication. I also need to mention how much I love this new vet we decided to try. They are so much better than the other place, and they gave MJ a personalized Christmas ornament. How cute is that?

On top of that Leland has had a fever, ugh. It started Tuesday with many screaming and crying periods and then a fever of 101. We gave him some meds to help and I called the doctor this morning since the fever was still hanging on. I was worried it was an ear infection. So we had our appointment, he weighs 17 lbs 9.5 oz, and no ear infection!, thank goodness. The doctor said it was most likely just a virus that has been going around and that his runny nose and cough may linger (by the way he had a normal temp at the doctors). But if he still has a fever come Friday morning we are suppose to go back to make sure an ear infection has not developed and possibly get some blood drawn to make sure it isn't anything more serious. He is doing much better tonight, temperature still a bit high but has gone down a bit, and he had no crying fits today. He did sleep a lot today, so that also makes me think he has a bug and is going to be a okay.

Side note on baby, he is becoming more demanding and particular about his ways. He wants to use a spoon to eat. And he wants to drink water while he eats. It is kind of funny to think about it. He is starting to know what he wants and will not do what you want until he gets it. Oh baby. We don't have a chance.

And lastly, our washer/dryer is broke. This causes an issue when you use cloth diapers. I have been washing diapers in the tub this week, but drying them in the house has been very unsuccessful. Tonight we had to go to a friend's to use their dryer. Leland needed some clean diapers to use tomorrow.

And that is all, well besides only having two weeks of school left and a massive to do list for those two weeks.

I don't think this week can get any worse at least. (please don't get any worse).


  1. Oh, goodness -- it has been a bad week! I hope all problems are over today, especially hope Leland is well and you can get the washer & dryer fixed SOON. And here my only stress is that I can't seem to get around to putting up the Christmas trees. Puts things in perspective. Love from L.S.

  2. Rough! I hope Leland is well soon - we're fighting illness, too. :( And, we're hours away from Friday, so that's some good news. :)

  3. I am sorry:( Such a bad week for you guys! I hope things get better. I also have 2 sick kids. You feel helpless:(