Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday/ Home

Welcome if you are from Toddle Along Tuesday! Hope you enjoy the blog.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, we had Jeff's family in town. We have been around a lot of family in the past month. It is a lot to handle when I am just use to the three of us and the occasional family visitor. But we now have a break for a couple of weeks, thankfully.

I haven't really been able to write much about when we went to Table Rock Lake, but I would like to say I consider this my home away from home.

I don't consider Lee's Summit my home anymore, it is just were family lives. But the lake, is my home. I love going there. I was really excited to go on a real boat ride this year. If I didn't have little baby with me I would have laid down on the floor and fallen asleep, like I did so often as a kid. I love the lake because it reminds me of my grandpa, and all the memories of being a kid at his lake house. I love just floating with a life jacket in the lake, it is so relaxing. It is one of the times I feel fully relaxed. I wish I could go there more often but once a year is nice. If I was ever to move back to Missouri, which I think there is probably a 1% chance of that happening, it would have to be to Table Rock Lake. The idea of looking out a window a seeing the lake is wonderful.

Hopefully someday I can live on a lake in Colorado, that would be very nice as well. I think you could consider me a true Lake Rat, and I am hoping little baby will be one as he grows up. The idea of him running on the dock to jump into the water excites me. I hope he takes from me and loves water and the lake, which is the opposite of his daddy. We will have to see.


  1. I was raised on a river/lake! I would consider myself a River rat as well! :)

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  2. Following back from Toddle Along Tuesday! Looking forward to reading more :)