Sunday, July 24, 2011


My parents were in town for the weekend. I feel like we didn't do much, but I am still exhausted from it. Visitors wear me out. On Saturday we did go to Estes Park for the day and met up with my cousin for lunch. I didn't take any pictures there except for this hummingbird.

We also took a family photo tonight.

And of course a picture with Grandma Patty and Papa.

I feel like summer is escaping me and soon enough I will be having to do school stuff again. Summers always happen too quickly and I never get to do everything I had hoped for. I was just telling Jeff today how awesome it was in high school during the summer. I barely worked and I just hung out with friends most of the time. The same was true for college for the most part, I just was working more hours. Sometimes it is nice to remember those days and mainly nights. I really need to get a porch swing or hammock. Sitting outside at night or when the sun in setting is sooo nice and relaxing. Having a baby changes that but when it happens (which is very infrequent) it is so nice. And camping, I really need to go camping. Too many things and too little time.


  1. Camping -- near Paonia -- Sept. 25-26. Be there.

  2. He looks so cute in his orange cloth diaper!