Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slowing Down

Everyday I try to take a moment and slow down and just enjoy my baby. It is hard to do when I feel there are so many things to do in a day, but I am forcing myself to slow down so I am not too upset once he stops being a baby. Once he stops wanting me to hold him all the time or sleep on me for every nap. So I am making sure to slow down and enjoy each day. Because before I know it he won't be a baby anymore! Crazy to think how three months have already flown by. I feel that I have loved every stage so far. I loved it when he was a newborn, and I love it now that he is starting to be more aware, smile more, interact more. I just love my baby really, I think I will continue to like each stage. But a part of me will always want it to be this stage, where he wants/needs me all the time.

This baby is starting to get more and more mobile. Now when he is on his back during play time he will often turn 180 degrees. It is crazy how much he can move. And during this time he is usually chewing on his blanket that is in his hand. And last night when he was doing tummy time, he turned 90 degrees! It is just crazy how quickly he is developing, I don't think I will ever get over it. Soon enough he will be scooting across the floor, and then we are really going to have to childproof. Ugh.

He also likes to look at his mirror, smile at himself and then act shy by hiding his face in the blanket he is laying on, it is really cute to watch. Maybe I will have to try and get a video.

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  1. I love that little cutie pie!!love mom/grandma patty