Thursday, September 27, 2012

Having a toddler is hard work

I feel like I keep going in a and out of liking toddlerhood.  Some days it is great, others it is very trying.  So trying I rethink having any more children.

Leland has some new tricks up his sleeve.  When he is being obnoxious and not listening, and I tell him no very sternly.  He comes up and gives me and hug and kiss.  How dare he change the subject?  
I wonder if he is really trying to make me forget, or it is just his way of saying sorry.  He also does it when he hits me (on the rare occasion).

The demanding, impatience, obsessive traits of a toddler are exhausting.  I try to ignore it as best as I can, but I often wonder what is the best way to deal with tantrums.  His usually deal with food, him not getting what he wants, when he wants, as quickly as he wants.  I think Leland would be fine with just eating consistently all day long.  But then he wouldn't eat lunch or dinner, so it is a no go. 
His favorite days are Sunday when we go to watch football and there are snacks at his level from 10-12.

But of course not every day is bad, it is just the bad days are really bad.

I got a random day off of work today and it was nice just the two of us.  He fell asleep nursing in our bed  at nap time and I didn't have the heart to move him, so there he napped.  Made me think of his baby days where it was normal for him to nap in our bed.

I know every mom is different.  I love my child so much, but I think I am a bit better with the baby stage than the toddler stage so far.  Sometimes it is challenging coming up with activities (structured and unstructured) to keep in entertained and not yelling at me because he is bored.  


  1. I think toddlers are by far more difficult than babies. Having said that I prefer the toddler stage but it is so hard sometimes. My hubby is out of the country for ten days in Oct and I am dreading it.

    1. Oh my goodness, I feel for you momma! Is your family near by to help those days? Good luck!

  2. I think toddlers can be more difficult, but I also think they are a lot more fun. Andrew is definitely showing his tantrum-y side lately, which tries my patience, but he's also doing so much more and being so funny. I hope you have more good days than bad this week!

  3. I like toddlerhood...I'm dreading the 3-4 year old stage as per my nephew!