Tuesday, October 30, 2012


When I quickly think about it, it seems that Leland doesn't talk.  He has a very choice words like 'mine' but mainly he still uses sign language.  Whenever he does say a new word I quickly put it into my phone so I can remember.  Looking at the list, it seems that he actually does talk.

Hot, Ball, Mama, Heath, Hi, Bye, Yeah, Book, Eye, Whale, Out, Up, Whoa/wow, Owl, Bee, More, Cheese, Chicken, Football, Hippo, Papa /poppy, Cat, Elmo, Cheers, Bowl, Duck, Apple, Baby, Mine, Bison

He has even more signs than words which is impressive.  He is starting to combine words and signs to make me understand what he wants.

For example:
When he wants to watch this Elmo video about ducks.   He points to the computer, quacks, signs more, shakes his hips and says more.  It is a very clear and cute message but I often have to be the bearer of bad news and tell him "no it is not time for videos". 

It is amazing how quickly kids can learn language and start saying new words. 


  1. Leila's language may have tripled in her 18th month! It's crazy how fast it all happens.

  2. He has so many words. Zane is starting to talk more now at 19 months.