Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When did he get so old?

This past weekend my mom (Grandma Patty) was in town to help since Jeff was getting some oral surgery done.

And it was really nice having her here to help because L took a couple of naps on her which meant mommy had free time! That also means I wasted lots of time on the internet, what else would it mean?

And Grandma Patty was sure glad L wasn't afraid of her yet, babies tend to not like her. But once the kid can walk and talk they like her again.

And with Grandma Patty came some stuff...another lazy boy chair (which the cats have claimed for their own), a fake light up pumpkin (that Jeff and I have both agreed is going bye-bye, I mean did she not see my post about how there is too much stuff in this house already!?), and a massive stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh (which baby LOVES).

Stick that Pooh Bear in his face and sing the Winnie-the-Pooh theme song and he will start laughing.

( See the cats have claimed it. Usually Heath is on top in this style and MJ is in the seat.)

And this last photo. I was trying to slice up apples and put them in the crockpot to make applesauce and L was wanting attention. So I stuck him in his booster seat (and OMG he can almost sit up by himself, he has moments where he will be sitting up and then proceed to arch his back and fall over or do a face plant, but he is soooo close) and gave him some toys. And then I took a picture and realized how old he looks. My baby is growing up!

... and he really needs to stop.


  1. You need to give the pumpkin to chuck and melissa...maybe they will let their children have a pumpkin!....MUH! grandma patty

  2. Good answer, Patty! I was going to urge them to let Leo have it just for THIS Halloween before getting rid of it! Other thing I want to say, Megan, is -- the rapidity of his growing up is only going to seem to accelerate until he's a teenager and thinks you're stupid. The reward comes when he gives you a grandchild as cute as he is now. You're right to soak up the cuddle time with him now.