Thursday, October 13, 2011


This little guy has a couple of new obsessions.

One with putting anything and everything in his mouth:
This includes apples when one of us is eating an apple. And when you try and take it from him, he screams and throws a fit.
Speaking of fits, when he is on his tummy and doesn't want to be on tummy he will put his head on the ground and cry. Too funny.

One with putting tags in his mouth:
He seeks out tags on his toy and has to stuff them in his mouth.

And this is how he saying hi. When he wants to say hi to someone he sticks his tongue out and says "Ahhh". It is super cute.

Oh and I totally get it now, how every parent think their kid is the funniest. Because this kid isn't even trying to be funny and most of the things he does are funny. Like the saying hi thing, the tantrums (for now), and when other people start to talk to him he sometimes give them this stare, his papa's stare. And it is hilarious. He will just stare them down and not give them the smile they are seeking. Okay last thing that I think is funny is when he has his serious face on in the bath and is kicking like crazy. He is really concentrating on those kicks.

Okay I will stop the gushing.


  1. I love this. Serious teething going on with him. He is so CUTE!

  2. So cute! Andrew does the same thing in the tub - he concentrates so hard on kicking his little legs and making a mess :)