Saturday, October 29, 2011


I feel like this past week has been complete chaos hectic.

School is starting to pile up, with the semester over half way over, I have a lot to do before the middle of December. I am trying to avoid thinking about this, but I have to think about it.

And we have been dog sitting all week. Good dogs, but it is a lot to add to the baby mix. And while I like dogs, I am not a dog person. I don't plan to have a dog until a certain little boy is begging, if he ever does. (Please don't Leland.)

But I think it is safe to say, Leland loves the pups. Loves them.

There was also an anniversary to celebrate this week. On Tuesday, was our 3 year anniversary of being married. We went out to dinner for it, which was a nice change of pace. And Leland fully enjoyed himself. He sat in a high chair, sucked on a couple of fries and tried to bounce the whole time. He also started to get loud at moments, not unhappy loud, just loud. It was pretty cute. He really loves being out in public.

A photo before dinner.

The pups are going back to their owners this weekend sometime, so hopefully next week will be less hectic.

And our freaking Carbon Monoxide detector went off tonight. The fire department was called and they came to check out the house. Did I mention that Leland had already gone to bed at this time. Yep- that happened. The beeping woke him up for a bit, but I was able to easily get him back to sleep. But we still had to leave the house. So I scooped him up and put him in the car seat and then sat in the car with him and the cats for 30 minutes. Thankfully he stayed asleep the whole time, even when I put him back into bed. But I am worried about sleeping tonight and about him sleeping tonight ( I have already checked on him a couple of times). Turns out it was nothing, just poor circulation in the house and lots of cooking going on. We will be keeping the kitchen window cracked on cooking days from now on.

One good thing about this is I didn't even know if we had a carbon monoxide detector and kept meaning to ask our landlord but had not got around to it, so now I know. It has a creepy voice that says "warning carbon monoxide" over and over again with beeping.

Here is to next week being better.

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  1. oh baby leo!! grandma patty