Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Using our hands

This baby really enjoys eating with his hands. I am glad we decided to do this from the beginning.

We have been dog sitting this week for some loser friends that are in Italy, how dare they ( just kidding). But the dogs have been loving us giving Leland table food. Because when he throws it on the ground, they can eat it.

The video shows him eating quinoa, thanks Jet's Journey for the idea! It is a little long, but you don't have to watch all of it for the idea.

Hands are also being used lately to put anything and everything in his mouth because someone is teething. I think he is starting to get some real pains too because he has been especially fussy lately.

And he has been trying to do something lately that I am dreading. That is moving. He has yet to continuously roll. He can roll both ways and will but he just goes back and forth instead of continuing in one direction. And this week he has started trying to get up on his knees, or get up on this feet and sticking his butt up in the air to push forward. Uh oh, things are about to change around here. Hopefully he will take his time to actually crawl. But I think if he hasn't accomplished it by Thanksgiving, he will do so that week. Being around lots of mobile cousins will be the push if he doesn't get there before that.

So please baby, wait until Thanksgiving. I am not ready to baby proof. I like that you stay in one spot when I leave the room.

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  1. Oh, but the crawling stage is just about the cutest!