Sunday, October 2, 2011

Murmur update

Someone found out he has toes he can hold onto and stick in his mouth.

We went to the cardiologist on Friday so they could do another echo on baby's heart. They wanted to check on his heart murmur and see how it was doing or if he had grown out of it.

And we are in the clear! The doctor said there is still a slight murmur but that it is considered totally normal. When they did the echo ( which baby did a really good job! having to be still for 20 minutes isn't easy for this one) everything checked out fine. The blood flow in his heart is measuring within normal velocities so all is good.

Which means we don't have to go there again. Woohoo!

And he got weighed and measured, he weighs 15 lbs 13 oz and hasn't grown in length, still measuring at 25.5 inches.
He is just working on his chunks right now.

While in the waiting room he was the center of attention. He was smiling and interacting with anyone that would look at him or talk to him. He really, really enjoys being out in public. Which is helpful because we have been able to go out several times this weekend with no problems at all.

Friday after the cardiologist we went to lunch and then later that afternoon he had to come with me on a field trip for class since Daddy was getting his teeth/gums cleaned. Then we went to dinner and stayed up past his bed time. And it was never an issue.

I don't understand why I got such a good baby, but I am very thankful I did.

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  1. "he is just working on his chunks right now"
    This made me laugh out loud, for real!