Friday, October 28, 2011


One of Jeff's cousins introduced us into Elimination Communication. I really liked the concept, so I decided we would do this with Leland. While we haven't quite figured out his schedule of elimination, he isn't quite regular yet, we will start putting him on the potty every night before or after bath time. And then progress from there.

I knew I wanted to start this once he was able to sit up on his own, I just had to find a potty ring, and I did the other day. So now we begin. And he is already peed once while doing this! Not that he knew what was happening, it was still exciting.

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  1. we have been doing EC since blaine was 2 weeks old! it was AMAZING for a long time [i'm talking 99% of poops on potty from age 4 months to age 10 months] until my child got an attitude about it and became stubborn. after a 5 month "potty pause" things are finally turning around again. good luck! dont let anyone discourage you by telling you it won't work! it will work!