Friday, June 1, 2012

KC Trip

This is going to be a long post because I am tired of these KC posts and I could have dragged it out, but I really want to get to our Paonia trip and I feel the need to stay in chronological order. 

First we (my mom, Leland and I) drove across Kansas.  Leland did great!  We planned it well for him to be in the car around sleep times, so he slept almost the entire time of car travel.  When in doubt, sing Sally the Camel and that boy will pass out.  We drove until about 11 at night to get as much driving done while he was sleeping.  He also did great in the hotel, besides calling the front desk.. twice.. at midnight.  But then we hid the phone and put him back to bed. 
We also went to Deanna Rose with the Stilley cousins.  Leland was in heaven.  He loves animals.  He liked the goats and cows licking him.  He stuck his hand in with the baby cows and stole some straw to chew on, like the true farmer he is.  He and his cousin Ashely still aren't so sure of each other, they like to just stare at each other.  It's like they know they will have conflict later on in life, with being cousins and the same age. 
 As with any normal KC trip we have to see everyone in the family.  It makes for a very exhausting trip.  Leland preferred his male relatives by far.  He would give Poppy hugs, hanging out with Papa on the bed watching TV, and ask his Uncle Aaron to pick him up. 
 Leland enjoyed exploring. 
 We also went to one of Skylee's softball games, she is kind of a pro. 
 One day we went to the Zoo with Grandma Patty.  Again Leland really enjoyed it, despite not taking a morning nap that day (hence the binkie). 
 And then there was baby Liam. 
Glad to be back to normal life.  As my mom says, I like my bed.  I think Leland is the same, because the one and only time he has ever slept through the entire night 8pm-7am, was the night we got back to Denver. 

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