Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Update v.2

 Bean sprouts coming up.
 Peas!  Peas are very challenging to pick.  I have the hardest time finding them, they blend in very well.  I will stare in one area and finally find one a few minutes later.
 Lots of lettuce
 Soon to be broccoli.
 Collards with tomato plants in the background.
 Our grass patch.  To the back left are beans, back center will be summer squash and back right are the ever growing peas.  The very back is the pile of dirt that has been taken off to allow for planting areas. 
 We have a rose or two that pop up. 
 In front of the peas are winter squash.  In the very front are carrots- they are doing very well. 

This years garden is so far a success.  I cannot believe how well it is doing.  I think we are just learning more and being able to learn from past mistakes.  This year the biggest mistake was where kale was planted.  It isn't getting enough sun, so it is not really growing.  It is tiny, but with how well everything else is doing, I am okay with that minor fail.  I am already thinking about next year's garden and what we will do.  Not so many collards, good lord that is a lot of collards, and I don't even like them.  Kiwi bins will become play areas for Leland, since he is always getting into them.  Probably will just have snow peas next year, since those are doing better thus far.  And of course more tomato plants!  Maybe even add in some peppers.

But it is a lot of work.  It was a lot of work for Jeff in the beginning, with the digging up the yard and planting all the seeds.  Now the work isn't so bad, some weeding and watering.  Neeming some plants to help get rid of pests.  It is starting to pay off though, and hopefully there will be a little less work next year since he won't have to re-dig up the yard.

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  1. I want to garden this summer! This looks great! I am envious!