Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After Glenwood Springs, we headed to Paonia.
This place is destined to be my future home.  There are only a couple of places that feel more like home than this place- Table Rock Lake and Sheridan, MO.  Paonia reminded me of Sheridan so much, expect it actually has a downtown with businesses. 
While we were in Paonia, we checked out the relatively new National Park (since 1999), Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and went on a hike around Black Canyon.  That point on the right was our destination. 
Leland slept the whole hike there and back.  He had a brief awake time while we ate lunch. 
My favorite flower along the trail. 
A lizard is hiding out on the rock.  He has a bluish belly. 
The canyon bottom and river. 
Jeff's uncle Bobby
Bobby and Ruby

Being his cute self. 
Group photo! (Leland is hiding in the ergo)
Photo op before we headed back home. 
His favorite thing at their house, the pig!

This trip was much needed, it was soo relaxing, even with a sick baby.  There were no plans, no one to see.  We just decided what to do each day as it came.  Very slow pace.  Another reason we need to get to the Western slope as soon as possible.  Hopefully it isn't too much longer before we can leave the city and move to a much smaller town.

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  1. LOVE the Western slope! I was offered a job out there about five years ago (large animal pharmaceuticals), but didn't take it because I didn't know a soul out there and it was too far from my family. Lord is it gorgeous though! Glad y'all had fun!