Saturday, June 23, 2012


 Summer is here, it is way too hot.  It being June and already reaching 100 degrees is not a good sign.  We may just have to start escaping to the mountains on the weekends.  

This summer I am nannying a couple of girls I have known since they were born.  Leland is in heaven since he likes older girls.  It has been fun thus far.  Leland has also gone down to one nap because he just has to stay up and play.  He is still tired at his regular nap, but screams if I try and put him to sleep.   Instead he goes to bed right after lunch (around 1) and then goes to bed earlier.  He is still adjusting to this and is just now starting to take a longer nap, more than two hours. 
 One fun activity we have done is sidewalk paint.  Super easy: equal parts water and cornstarch and add some food coloring.  Leland really enjoyed it.  He liked to dump it out and then spread it around with his hands (similar to the mud). 
 It is an activity that we will have to repeat for sure. 

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  1. Looks like Leland is in heaven with his older women ;)

    We are also down to one nap here and so far it's going ok. There are days that he takes a 4 hour nap at daycare, which is insane, but it keeps him happy.

    And I hear you on the heat. It's mid 90's and super humid here. Ugh.