Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So now we can go back to real time posts...

Leland has been sleeping in his crib until the early morning hours, like 4 am.  It is still a debate every night if I should just go get him when I go to bed, so I can have a snuggle buddy.  But eventually he will want to sleep in his own bed, maybe he is already making that decision.  That also means he is cutting out a feeding or two, another good thing right?  I can also fall asleep now without him nursing, definitely a good thing. (Okay scratch that, I think this was only happening because he was sick.  The past two nights he can been up at his normal 11pm time, but doesn't necessarily nurse, I just bring him to bed at this time.  So I still an not dependent on nursing to fall asleep SCORE!)

Leland loves to be pushed around on his Thomas.  His friend Henry loves to push it.  We showed the boys how to combine their two loves, it was a good break for the parents.

Leland can now climb up onto his slide and go down on his own.  Someone is a big boy now, or so he likes to think.  (He may also throw tantrums when you tell him no.)

Leland's communication is getting better and he is understanding more and more.  Leland is now signing more.  He signs bath, all done, milk, no (when I tell him no he repeats the sign), dog, and sometimes all gone and please.  Hopefully he keeps increasing his signs since he shows no sign of talking soon.  The only consistent word he uses is MA for food. Sometimes he will say something that actually sounds like a word and I get excited, but it is never if rarely repeated. 

At night when I put him to bed, I tell him, night night and we waves goodbye.  He then has to point to all his friends that sleep with him.  It is the cutest thing ever. 

Leland has also been a bit more picky about what he is eating.  He often refuses to eat veggies (unless in pesto form), but will always eat fruit and cheese.

He really is just the best kid ever.  No bias here.  


  1. Henry pushing Leland around on Thomas is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Love it!

  2. Henry and Leland look like they're having a blast!