Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We went camping for two nights last weekend with some friends.  Leland loved it.  He was dirty the whole time of course.  He loved playing in the dirt, finding rocks and sticks.  He is an outdoor kid that is for sure.  
Every time I leave Denver and head West I have this horrible feeling that going back to Denver is the wrong thing to do, but I still do it for some reason. Hopefully we can soon leave this growing city for a slower pace, small town.
Grover: the camping dog.  This dog usually barks at anything and everything.  I didn't hear him bark once for over 48 hours, crazy.  He is also a great potty escort. 
Ella is a future rock climber. 
The best part about traveling is extra cuddles from Leland. 
Ella and Lucy, Ella has a caterpillar on her jacket, hence the two of them actually smiling for a photo. 
Running laps- it made for a good night sleep.
Leland so desperately wanted to keep up with the girls.
We had lots of fun, but I am still worn out from camping.  The first night Leland slept terribly and so did I, he also went to bed late and woke up early.  Thankfully there was coffee and that he slept much better the second night.  Hopefully we can make it out a few more time this summer. 


  1. That's looks like so much fun (besides the bad sleep!). I keep saying we need to go camping, but right now it is way too humid to even think about sleeping outside. I'm jealous of your mountain air.

  2. We love living here in Denver too but we are hoping that we can move to a smaller town and have some property in the near future (hopefully just another year). We would love to have the slower pace that small towns allow. Where did you camp at?