Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stilley Cousins

 Leland also got together with his Stilley cousins.  We had our traditional play day where the cousins spend a day at Grammy's.  Above: I made Anna a baby carrier, and she was pretty happy with it.
 And as usual, we always try to get a photo of the kids. 

 Grammy tried to step in an help, that plan did not work well.
 Anna loved Leland, and he loved her.  I think he has a think for older ladies (just like his Papa). 
 Aaron reading an afternoon story.
 Henry feeding baby goats. 
 Snack time (or sharing of the germs, lol). 
Leland and Ashley still are not so sure of each other as you can see in the above photos.  Henry also is showing his 'goldfish smile'.

It is great that Leland has cousins his age.  I didn't not really have cousins my age growing up (besides Taylor) so I really wanted that for Leland.  Being at family gatherings and not having people to play with is no bueno.  

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