Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Footage v.3

This was before he started napping in the crib, so it was a new fun thing to be in it.  It is also why the mobile was still up, it is currently in the garage. 

This week has been exhausting.  Finalizing thesis edits, class work, sick baby, sick husband, puking cat, ugh.  I turned in an awful paper earlier this week because it was all that was going to happen with the time I was given.  Leland kept waking up and having issues staying asleep this week (at nap and bed time) that I had very minimal time to work on stuff.  Awesome, yea... 

We are going to go to the doctor's today, not because I am worried about him right now.  I just want to avoid him possibly becoming worse over the weekend and having to make a trip to the ER since the office is closed.  Because it could easily be something else besides a nasty cold.  He had a fever the past three nights, so out of precaution we are off to the office.  Woohoo, yea...

But at least my thesis is in its final drafts, I am waiting to hear back from my adviser to see his thoughts.  Very nerve racking. 


  1. Bless your heart Megan. Thinking about you and your thesis and your sick house; talk about bad timing for school. Hopefully they all get better soon and you can wrap things up with a happy and healthy baby (and husband) around. Best of luck!

  2. It seems like babies go with the murphy's law thing? You know babies will run fever and they will run fever at the worst possibl moment. Hang in there! I hope it gets better soon!