Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What is in my head

Each night before I go to bed I think about everything that has happened that day and everything that needs to be accomplished the next.  I think I have said this before, but each day I focus on one school assignment or task.  Well that works for the most part but then there are days or weeks where everything is piling up and I freak.  Meaning I just stop thinking about school and want to read The Hunger Games.  Which I am in the midst of book three right now and it is all I can think about.  (Team Peeta!)

Also this past week I have had my first serious cold in a long time.  I had a couple minor ones while pregnant, but nothing this serious.  It is hard to get past it when I am stressed about school and not sleeping enough from that and Leland.  

I am looking forward to Spring Break, which is right around the corner so I can do the many needed assignments and thesis work that are piling up.  Not too much longer until this semester is over!  I am longing for summer.  The past two days it has been in the 60's, like spring is laughing in my face that I still have a couple months left until freedom or relaxation.  I am going to miss going to school, but I won't miss the work or stress. 

 Leland is a cruising machine!  He loves to walk with his walker. 
 He is also getting a serious side.  That photo makes him look so old!
  Grandma Patty was here this past weekend, and got him an early birthday present (is it really that time already!?).  He loves it.  He knows how to get off by himself now.  When you put him on it to ride around the house, he holds on and just sits there patiently while you zoom him around the house. 

 Other new things:
 A new organizer in Leland's room, it really helps.  He likes standing up with it and being able to dig toys out of the boxes. 
A new lens!  It is wonderful.  It is just sometimes hard to take photos with it, since Leland moves so quickly.  I just need to be faster. 


  1. Love the last picture of him riding on Thomas - he looks so excited :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. A new lens.. yah! I see my future in your post with all the Thomas gear:) He is so cute!

  3. 1) Team Peeta represent!
    2) I need an organizer thing like that too!