Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is in a name?- TAT

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Leland got his name from my Grandpa (mom's dad) who I never met.  I am big on family names.  When I was pregnant it was the name Jeff and I could both agree on and get excited about.  There were many others that got cut, but Leland always stuck.  His middle name is Oliver, no real significance for it, but it sounds good with Leland and we thought it was a nice strong name.  I think it really fits him too.

We were team green, and thankfully we had a boy because we never really came up with a girl name.  We had an idea (Grace Kaya), but the last month of pregnancy I decided I didn't like it and Jeff agreed. 

But for next time I do have a couple ideas:
Girl- Vera Grace (Vera was a great aunt of mine)
         Edna Violet (Edna is a great aunt of mine)
Boy- Rylan Matthew (love this name!)
         Vilas James (Vilas was a great uncle of mine)
The above names are only approved by me, Jeff probably wouldn't commit to anything until he had to (he is terrible at decisions).  I like old-style names and ones that sound good with Leland that aren't too popular.

Naming is so hard though, I got one of those baby name books when pregnant and it is overwhelming looking at all the names.  It is so much pressure too, I mean they are stuck with their name forever, and you have to decide by the time you leave the hospital.  I am just glad we picked a good one and that it wasn't Henry (there are 4 Henry's in our playgroup- this a playgroup for babies just Leland's age and within our neighborhood, it is kind of crazy). 

So if you are having to decide a name, good luck!  It is challenging but fun too!


  1. That's funny. I never really thought of Henry as an overly popular name.

    I really like the name Leland. I also really like Vera and Rylan.

  2. Love Leland's name. I also like the names you came up with for the next one! Vera was very into growing her own food, do you remember her garden?

    1. Yes I do and I remember eating her pickles...mmmm