Thursday, March 22, 2012

11 months

Things have been changing around here...
In the past month Leland has gotten his first tooth, plus three more- yep 4 teeth in one month.  You can consider me lucky.
I blame these wonderful teeth on him being difficult when trying to nurse, and when putting him down for a nap.  The past two days he hasn't taken a morning nap.  And no I don't think he is trying to move to one nap, because he is tired.  When I put him in the car he falls asleep almost immediately. 
In order to win this battle, he is now going to have to take naps in his crib (that dusty thing we never use but at least the cats do), since he can't escape it, yet.  In the mornings he keeps getting out of bed and opening the door.  This rental house really was not meant for babies- super squeaky floors, doors that don't fully shut, noisy doors when you do open them, etc.  So he can open the door no problem, actually his biggest problem is not getting in the way of the door when opening it. 
Anyway, he was having a major issue falling asleep in the morning, in the afternoon it wasn't as bad only because by that point he was so exhausted he would practically pass out.
But I won! This morning after his first attempt of escaping our room, I put him in his crib.  Where he babbled for about 30 minutes before passing out. Momma wins! (and so does her down time).  
I think this will just have to be protocol from now on for nap time. 
Which is a-okay with me, as long as I still get my cuddly baby in my bed at bed time. 


  1. look at that blonde hair! I dread the day Evie figures out how to open the door!